Bonus! Quick-Takes with Katrina Law

Quick Answers with Actress Katrina Law

Quick Answers with Actress Katrina Law

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Actress Katrina Law graced the cover of our March Home and Design Issue, giving us behind the scenes details of Arrow, Training Day, and band Soundboard Fiction. With an interview chock-full of interesting tidbits, it was impossible to fit everything in! So we've rounded up a few of Katrina Law's quick-takes––find out what she has to say about fitness, music, and Bill Paxton.

On Charity Kitt Crusaders:
​Kitt Crusaders is a non-profit organization based out of Los Angeles, and I got involved with them about four or five years ago. I have two alley cats that were very sick that came with the house we were living in, and they needed expensive surgeries. We were a little broke at the time, so there was no way I could afford to take care of two alley cats. We talked to [someone] at Kitt Crusaders and she said [they would] take care of it. So they paid for the cat’s surgeries, the cats lived on for another four years, and she never asked for a penny back. 

I decided to help raise money for them, so I ended up getting some cast members from Spartacus to pose with me for photos. We decided to sell our photographs and autographs and—outside of whatever it cost for printing and shipping—all of the money went straight to paying off that bill and taking care of [Kitt Crusaders]. It’s a wonderful organization… I love animals; I love cats. 

On Staying in Shape:
The biggest thing I do is try to eat healthy and clean. I eat as much organic food as possible, and I try to cook as much as I can because a lot of times you don’t necessarily know what you’re getting in your food. That being said, I used to be a workout fanatic where I would be at the gym all day long. But I realized that with eating healthy and doing half an hour of cardio and a light weight, that's all I need. I’ve realized that staying healthy is a lot easier than I thought. 

Katrina Law

On Band Soundboard Fiction:
We’ve been together for about ten years. We released our third album a couple of months ago; we have a music video out called “Ghost Town.” There’s a short version and a long version, so if you have the time, I suggest you watch the long version. We also have another video out called “Wash Me in the Water” that was directed by TJ Scott. 

On Working in the DC Universe:
A lot of times, when you have comic book characters, you can’t do create their own backstory. That being said, I love being able to play a strong female character. I’m honored that I get to play one of the few that’s on television right now. It’s beautiful to watch because I feel like it’s the beginning of a trend where people are starting to desire and crave females that are stronger and have their own storylines outside of men.

On Working with Bill Paxton:
Bill Paxton [was] amazing. He [was] a great team leader, and working with him has been a joy. He [was] just so chill and relaxed and professional and funny… everything you want as a lead guy in your show.

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