Brilliant Earth Review 2018: Where to Buy Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict Diamonds have been a source of controversy for decades. The conflict diamond debacle exploded when it was brought to light that we were purchasing diamonds that had been used to finance rebel movements and dictators actions in third world countries such as Sierra Leone and Ghana. These military dictators and illegal rebel organizations had exploited diamond mining for their own gains and cared little for the workers and local communities.

Since the late 1990’s, various campaigns have been launched to improve diamond mining, and to halt the trade of blood diamonds. Many jewelers have pledged to source only conflict-free diamonds in support of these campaigns, and one prominent ethical jeweler, in particular, is Brilliant Earth. This article looks at what Brilliant Earth has to offer, and why you should consider purchasing conflict-free diamonds from one of their stores.   


Why Brilliant Earth is a cut above the rest – Beyond Conflict Free

There is a multitude of quality diamond suppliers to choose from in today's jewelry market and it can often feel confusing trying to decide which one to pick. We believe that Brilliant Earth is one of the best suppliers of conflict-free diamonds in the world and to show you why, we have provided an overview of their company history, together with reasons as to why you should purchase from them:

Company History/Founding

It is a magical thing when a business is founded on ethical and moral ideas and this is how Brilliant Earth was created. Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg met at Stanford University and shared a common desire to improve the standards of the jewelry industry and promote responsible sourcing of metals and precious stones such as diamonds. From this simple idea, Brilliant Earth was founded in 2005 and since then the company has grown to stratospheric heights. Beth and Eric have developed a community of dedicated employees who share the same values as them, and this is clear from the employment reviews they receive.  

Beyond Conflict Free diamond sourcing

One of the main reasons that Brilliant Earth shines above their competitors is their "Beyond Conflict Free" diamond sourcing. Most jewelers simply source conflict-free diamonds that comply with the Kimberly Process definition. This definition states that a conflict diamond is a diamond that has been used to finance a rebel movement against a recognized government. Brilliant Earth complies with this statement too and purchases diamonds that have not been used to finance such activities, but they also take it several steps further.

They're Beyond Conflict Free sourcing states that their diamonds must comply with the following statements:

- Cannot have financed civil wars
- Cannot have been attained through human rights abuse
- Have been sourced with minimal environmental damage
- Have been source using safe and responsible working practices
- Suppliers help local community development

As you can see this takes the conflict-free notion to a whole new level and is possibly one of the most ethically sound sourcing methods in the industry. When purchasing diamonds from Brilliant Earth, you know that the local communities have been treated fairly and that there has been no slave labor, poor working conditions, or extensive damage to the natural landscape.

Using a minimum 76% recycled metals

Aside from their Beyond Conflict Free sourcing, Brilliant Earth also strives to use a high percentage of recycled materials. Using recycled materials obviously has a smaller impact on our environment – gold mining can often be detrimental to the landscape and cause long-lasting damage. The following are the recycled material percentages that Brilliant Earth uses:

- Gold: 98% recycled
- Silver: 96% recycled
- Platinum: 95% recycled
- Palladium: 76% recycled

Furthermore, Brilliant Earth also tries to use precious metal suppliers that use ethical practices and provide safe working conditions. If you purchase from Brilliant Earth, you can be comforted knowing that you have not contributed to environmental damage.  

Giving back to local communities

Diamonds and precious metals are predominantly mined in third world countries – historically the mining communities have been poor, lived in less than adequate conditions, and been treated unfairly. Brilliant Earth aims to combat this and to give back to those communities who provide so much for the jewelry industry.

To start with, Brilliant Earth actually pledges 5% of their profits to local communities – this is an astounding feat and there are not many other jewelry companies who do the same. Brilliant Earth doesn't have to do this – they could by rights simply take all profits for themselves, but instead, they give 5% away freely. This 5% is given back to local communities and helps them in a variety of different ways including developing mining techniques, restoring land and building important community facilities.

More specifically, the profit donated by Brilliant Earth has helped build community centers, provide vital medical aid through the MedShare International charity, and supported the Centre for Research and Development in Zimbabwe. These are just a few examples and you can find many more on the Brilliant Earth website.

If you want to purchase diamonds ethically, Brilliant Earth is the No. 1 choice

We hope that you can now see exactly what Brilliant Earth has to offer. For some more persuasion, why not have a look at their Pinterest page for inspiration and jewelry themed ideas? If you care about our environment and want to give back to those who are less fortunate, there really is no other option than Brilliant Earth.

Firstly their "Beyond Conflict Free" diamond sourcing method is one of the most thorough and ethical in the industry. Secondly, they actively work to improve the diamond mining industry and the conditions of those working in it. Thirdly, they use recycled materials to minimize environmental damage. Finally, they donate back to local communities and help develop third world countries. When you consider these facts together, you can see why Brilliant Earth is a top supplier of conflict-free diamonds.