Buying a new mattress for kids: The top tips


A bedroom is one of the places that your kids will spend a lot of their life, particularly in bed, whether for a good night sleep, a daytime nap, or to play with a few toys. If you want your kids to get to the point of agreeing to sleep on their bed, then you have to not only spice up their room but also bring in as much comfort as possible.

Buying a mattress for kids should not be taken as lightly as most people do, because you want them to enjoy as much sleep as possible for the growth of their bodies and minds. Here are the top tips you must consider when shopping for your kid's mattress:

Allergic conditions of your kids

With information from your pediatrician to rely on, you can identify what your children are allergic to and put that in the front line for your consideration of a high-quality mattress. If your child is asthmatic, for example, the last thing you want is to worsen his/her situation.  

Even adults can succumb to allergic complications, thanks to the dust mites that live in bedding and mattresses. Ideally, if the allergies of your kids are too strong, consider an allergen-resistant mattress protectant.

Physical features and medical conditions of your kids

You know our kids better than anyone else, and therefore, you understand their physique. If your child is physically disabled, for example, the needs he/she has as matters to a bed differs.

Consider also the fact that children have delicate bones and joints, and if they are exposed to a lot of pressure and tension, your children may develop joint complications way early in life.

Further, if your kids are suffering from kid's arthritis, it may become more necessary to be attentive and alert on the firmness or softness of the mattress you buy for them.

Adequate skeletal and spinal support

Specialists in bedding brands advice that mattresses with innerspring systems, as opposed to pure foam mattresses, offer the best skeletal and spinal support. As your kids are growing, their body needs both adequate space and comfort, and the mattress you buy must provide proper conformance to the body of your child. Ideally, opt out of memory foam mattress because they do not offer quite the necessary support to a child's changing body.

The growing needs of your child

Unlike for an adults bed, you cannot always anticipate how quick your child can grow. Before you can decide on your ideal mattress, consider the growing needs of your child. Consider the genetics of your family, and how fast growth happens, in both width and height.

It is better to go for a bed that is adjustable and can grow with the kid, or better one that is slightly longer than them. The best part is that you are not investing in a kid's mattress that will last a lifetime.

A toddler's bed is an unnecessary purchase

As exciting as it is to welcome a newborn in your life, investing in a toddler's bed in an unnecessary expense that you should consider avoiding. The reality is, most of the time your baby is asleep, they will be in your bed, not theirs.

Also, a child grows at a speedy rate, and if you invest in a toddler's bed, then he/she might outgrow it in a very short period.

Fluid resistance

If your children are not yet past the bed-wetting stage, a fluid resistant bed is something you want to look into or a viable alternative. Other than bed-wetting, sweat, saliva drools, and other body fluids might cause a mattress to soak in moisture, posing health risks like breeding mold and fungus, mildew, among other bacteria.

If the mattress does not feature a water-resistant cover, then consider buying a water-resistant protectant, or a mackintosh that has moisture barrier properties.

Ease of cleaning

Well, kids are what they are, and as playful as you expect them to be while they grow up, they will not deliberately observe cleanliness. For this reason, as you shop for a mattress for your kid, ensure that the cover material is effortless to clean, particularly, stain resistant. With a stain resistant mattress, then you do not have to worry so much about your kids bouncing on their bed with dirty feet, or carrying food with them to the bed.

Even so, be deliberate about cleaning their beddings every so often, at least once every week.  You can also vacuum the mattress once in every few months, and this way, you keep dust mites on the low. Further, every time you change the sheets, air the mattress for a few hours to maintain top-notch hygiene.


Your kids deserve the best, and choosing the perfect mattress is predominantly essential in giving them the very best. Be sure to check out how to guide on buying a mattress online at