Caring for your pets during vacation

Happy Pet Sitter Watching Dog

Photography By Roberto Nickson


Deciding to own a cat or dog is a big responsibility that all animal lovers are very much willing to accept with open arms. Cats and dogs also have specific needs like human beings such as food, water, regular baths and a comfortable place to stay. There would be instances that these pet owners would have to leave town for either a couple of days or a few weeks to take a vacation. In most cases, they cannot take their pets with them so they would have to look for trusted happyhousesitters or pet hotels that would look and care for their furkids while they are away.

Below are the things that we should look into before leaving our fur babies into somebody else's care:

1.) Before planning your vacation make sure that your pet would be well taken care of by someone that you fully trust. If you live with family or relatives and they won't be coming with you then it's alright to leave your pets under their care as long as they won't mind. If you are living apart, kindly ask if they can care for your pet while you are away. Do not feel bad if some of them are not thrilled with the idea because not everyone likes to have pets and besides taking care of them is also quite challenging and tasking. But if your family are willing to be pet sitters and stay at your place while you are gone then it would be a great idea so your pet would still remain comfortable.

2.) You can also hire pet sitters to look after your fur kid while you are away. They are trained professionals who can cater to the needs of your pet.

With happyhousesitters, you are assured they are fed, bathed and would still be able to experience regular playtime and walking on a daily basis. Just provide the pet sitter a complete list with instructions of your pets daily needs so he or she won't get overwhelmed on what to do.

Make sure to have the following things included on the list.

-feeding time/ diet/ quantity

-bathing schedule and products

-schedule of vitamin intake

-playtime and walk time schedule

-your contact number

-the vet's contact number


3.) Pet hotels are also an option but not all pets may be comfortable with this idea because it's going to be a new environment for them to adjust which can induce stress.

Try boarding your pet overnight and see how it goes before booking for a long-term accommodation. It is also highly recommended for you to bring a few toys and clothing that has your scent to avoid your pets from experiencing separation anxiety.

Also, make sure that your pets’ annual vaccinations records are updated before letting him stay at the dog kennel to ensure that he is protected against sickness.

Before deciding to place your pet in a kennel or hotel make sure to read reviews, ask for recommendations, and do kennel visits while observing. Some kennels provide the owners an access to their CCTV cameras so they can still remotely monitor their pets.