Choosing a Condo: Which is Right For You?



Choosing a condo that suits you isn’t as easy as you may think. There are several factors that you need to consider while choosing one. The price of the condo and the location are among the most important factors you will have to look at. If you are looking for the right condo, there is no need to worry. 


The following are useful tips that will help you choose a condo that will suit you and your family.


1. Know your budget

You have to be fully aware of your financial capabilities before buying a building. This will enable you to buy a condominium that will suit your budget. You also need to be aware that apart from the deposit, there are other fees that may determine how expensive a condo is. These include the rent, electricity and water bills and homeowner association fee among others. An expensive condo will mean nothing but a series of financial crises later on in your life.

2. Determine the condominium of your preference

Do you prefer a low-rise or high-rise condo? If you are a loner and you prefer quiet places and you embrace privacy, a high-rise condo is for you. You can then choose the top floor for your apartment. However, if you love interacting with people, then a low-rise condo might be all you need. If you are afraid of heights, then a low-rise building will suit you. Based on your preferences, you will have to choose the condo that will suit you.

3. You have to do some research on your developer

You are an investor as you are investing in purchasing a condo. The last thing you want is buying a low-quality condominium. This is exactly why you need to do enough research on your developer and get to know them. Look at their credentials and assess the quality of their work. This is the only way you will determine if the developer is reputable and you can trust them with your hard-earned cash. All you need is a developer with an excellent portfolio, with timely completed projects to know if they are trustworthy and reputable.

4. Find the location that suits you

Finding the ideal location for a condo is something you need to consider before purchasing one. You ought to find out if it’s in close proximity to your workplace, supermarkets, stores, educational centers, health centers, and banking services. In case you're looking for a condo in Central Etobicoke, take a look here at Evermorecondos site. You will get to see some nice condos in ideal locations. A condo in a location that suits your needs will offer you comfort and convenience.

5. Check out the available amenities

Ensure that you visit the condo that interests so that you can see the facilities and amenities available. Does it have all the facilities you may require? Check out for a gymnasium, a swimming pool, parking space, function rooms and children’s playground among others. You will have to do some math and see if the cash you are going to pay for that condominium equates to the value of the amenities and facilities available. There is no need to pay megabucks for a condo that lacks basic facilities.

6. Find out about the payment scheme

Various developers offer different kinds of payment schemes. This is common particularly for those who purchase buildings in installments. Some developers, nonetheless, will want you to pay the full amount required before moving in. If you are going to purchase a building on a particular installment plan, ensure you find one that goes hand in hand with your income flow. Furthermore, you need to be careful concerning any extra costs someone might want you to pay. Ensure your agent gives you a breakdown of the installment scheme to keep you ahead of the game.


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7. You need to be aware of loans and insurances

What kind of bank loan will suit your needs? Your agent can approach a couple of banks to inquire about this. Alternatively, you can do this on your own so as to assess them yourself and make a better deal out of it. While inquiring about this, ensure that you have with you all the important documents like the pay slips and income statement among others. You might also be asked to produce your condominium’s insurance coverage. You, therefore, need to have this prepared too.

8. Learn about the security of the condo

Your safety should always be a priority. You need to ensure that surveillance cameras are perched in the hallways of your condo. Besides, you have to ensure that security guards are present and that they are active and know what is required of them. More importantly, you need to ensure that there are accessible fire exits. These will come in handy in case of an emergency. Better safe than sorry, they say.

9. Know your neighbor

Having a good knowledge of your neighbors is one of the factors that will determine your comfort in that condo. If for instance, you are a professional, you will definitely love a building where others are professionals too. If you love pets, you will want to know if people in neighboring units are cool with pets. In addition, you need to know the number of occupants in that building as you will share facilities and amenities with these people. Knowing your neighbors will enable you to live comfortably with them.

10. Understand the rules and regulations

There are rules that the occupants of the condo apartments are supposed to follow. In some condos, pets and animals aren’t allowed. In others, you are forbidden to change your wall colors. In other areas, loud music, noises, and activities such as smoking are forbidden. When you move in, ensure you obtain a copy of the condo’s deed of restrictions. Such rules are meant to ensure that the condo occupants live together in harmony. You, therefore, need to know and understand them.


In this article, you’ve seen that the price of a condo shouldn’t be the only determinant of whether the building suits you or not. You’ve clearly seen the important tips that will help you choose a condo that is right for you. It’s prudent that you follow the tips above to the latter in order to make the right decision while choosing a condo to buy. You can finally boast of success once you get a condominium that suits your budget and needs.