Comic Con Kids Costumes

Age-Appropriate Cosplay for Kids

Characters from “K-On!”

As the age of a child goes up, the amount of clothing they wear for costumes goes down. However for parents of an anime or true media fan, it is even more concerning. Comic Con is just around the corner, and for those youngsters who want to join in on the fun, parents may be hesitant to let their children cosplay, especially young girls. It’s understandable––female superheroes wear little clothing, and the body tight suits can be revealing. Male protagonists are also mostly teenagers or adults, wearing comically over-the-top clothing or using weapons. So how can your youngsters get in on the fun and show off? Suggestions are down below for ages 7–12.

Characters from “K-On!”

Dads may want to take a step back for these ones because the main trait to distinguish these characters is their hair––use extensions to achieve that cartoonish anime length. The main appeal of the girls isn’t so much in their girlish charm as it is in their musical ambitions as the band Ho-kago Tea Time. A well-written and acclaimed series, the girls of K-On are perfect for a group outing for those families whose children are all friends. The characters are positive role models for young girls, and they are dressed appropriately throughout. The girls are featured in numerous clothing styles, so as long as Mom nails the hair, they can wear just about anything.

Kilik Rung

A powerful and devastating force in the series Soul Eater, to nail this character your child only needs a set of glasses, a beige shirt, some cheap white and black arm guards, and a trip to the barber shop. Kilik is a hands-on fighter with a big heart, an amazing character in the Soul Eater franchise and definitely one to turn some heads. Bonus points if you have two smaller kids who can play the role of Fire and Thunder.

Taiga Aisaka

Taiga Aisaka

Do you have a sassy young girl who pouts one minute and happily laughs the next? She can cosplay the heroine of the anime Toradora!. A tsundere to her very core, Taiga is one of the most well-written examples of the archetype in anime or manga. She is a perfect cosplay for younger children due to her short stature, which is often played up for comedic effect. Her costume is also incredibly simple, conservative, and instantly-recognizable for fans of the genre. 


The star of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Simon is an inspirational character in anime. An anime following the life of a boy knocked so far down he’s literally underground as he digs his way upward to become a man that can pierce the heavens. An amazing metaphor for what a parent might want for their children. Be careful with this one; nailing this costume may make your son too popular. His style of dress is more cartoonish and dynamic than other anime characters, but his costume can be purchased online for relatively cheap if you know where to look. Gurren Lagann is legendary in the anime community but it does contain graphic violence, so wait to let your children watch this one.

Comic Con is coming fast, and if you and your family want to get in on the fun, nothing beats dressing as your favorite character. 

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