Common DIY Roof Repair Mistakes to Avoid


Common DIY Roof Repair Mistakes to Avoid

The roof of a house complements the inside and outward beauty or a residence. No matter the quality of your initial construction, you will need some renovation and repairs in the long run. The kind of revamping you give to your roof will go a long way in determining whether it is attractive or not. To ensure you do not fall prey to substandard repairs, here are some common DIY roof repair mistakes you should avoid.

1. Reusing worn out roof flashing
One of the common mistakes that homeowners do is reusing old flashing in order to save on the repair cost. While it is essential to cut down the repair cost, reusing old materials to divert water from the gutters may lead to further damages to the entire roofing system. Once the old flashing fails, it will damage your entire new roof. Getting new materials will give you a longer roof life.

2. Laying new shingles over worn out ones
While it is possible to lay new shingles over the old ones, there are many risks that come with it. The new shingles will add more weight to the roof, making it cave in and very unstable. Laying new shingles over old ones also creates problems whenever there is a risk because it will be difficult to carry out repairs. The roof will not be as appealing when shingles are piled on each other.

3. Do not use shortcuts
Most DIY projects tend to be tedious because you have to do all the work on your own. Shortcuts pose the risk of ignoring some crucial steps in roof repair. For instance, you might ignore trimming tree branches that hang around your roof or fail to clear all the debris from the gutters. These are among other procedures may turn out to be damaging to your new roof. Always take time to complete the entire repair process without leaving any loopholes.

4. Going for the cheapest materials
As rational human beings, we will most probably go for the most affordable materials. The paradox of this belief is that cheap might be expensive because low-quality materials get damaged faster. To achieve the best roof repair, go for high-quality materials that will serve you for long. Your house will also look more presentable when you purchase the right products. You can do an online search or ask for recommendations from friends and relatives to know what material will work best for you.

5. Wrong use of nails
How well you use your nails will determine the longevity and beauty of your roof. The first step is to get high-quality nails that are specifically designed for roofing purposes. Once you have the right nails for your project, ensure you use them correctly by applying the recommended spacing. Some people try to save on the nails by leaving big gaps that render the entire roof weak.

Avoiding the above DIY mistakes will help you achieve the kind of roof you desire. For assistance and guidance, contact Perth Roofing & Gutters.