7 Common Interior Design Mistakes You Must Know And Avoid


If you are looking to design even a single room, you should start researching possible options but you should also know what the common interior design mistakes are. Here are some very common mistakes that people make when designing a home or even a room and regret afterwards:

1. Not Creating A Point Of Focus

A point of focus in the room is that one place where you want to direct the attention of people when they visit you. Because the point of focus is usually large and well pronounced, it makes the room look well balanced and organized. A piece of art, a fireplace or a huge window can serve as good focal points. If you like, you can have more than one focal points in one room.

2. Creating Too Much Uniformity

Many interior designers make the mistake of making everything so uniform, which in turn results to boring rooms. A well thought out contrast is very welcome and it livens up the room. Having a variety of colors and accessories gives a space some personality. Buying items from different stores helps because everything will not look the same.  

3. Putting Too Many Things In A Small Room

When a room feels too overwhelmed by the amount of items that it carries, then it means that the room contains more than it should. One mistake that amateur interior designer make is to over-furnish a room making it look like a warehouse where every item is dumped. As much as you love your tables, sofas and all, you should also ensure that there is enough space in between the furniture for movement. If your room feels too crowded, it probably is and so you should try to move a piece of furniture here and there to make more space. Designers also make the mistake of placing furniture and other items in a room in the wrong place. This may hamper your means to move around the room and when you want to sell your home, it could discourage potential buyers.

4. Forcing Furniture To Fit Even When It Is Evident It Won’t

Forced furniture in any room is an eyesore, yet this is another big mistake that most people make. The rule is simple; if it doesn’t fit the first time, it will not fit the second, third and even fourth time. One big mistake that people make is to buy furniture that is too big in height, width and even length. It is important to measure the space where the furniture will be kept before buying.

5. Poor Lighting

Bad lighting can make great interior design look bad. Most interior designs leave out the element of natural lighting in the room. Accessories and curtains that are not properly placed can cause blockage to the natural light and thus hamper the effect of space that natural light creates.

Forgetting to add a mirror or two to enhance the illusion that is created by natural light is another mistake many people make. When a mirror is placed on the wall that is directly opposite where the light is streaming in, the light will bounce off the mirror making the room look bigger.

6. Picking Your Furniture Before You Pick The Wall Paint

Picking the furniture, rugs carpets and other accessories before painting the walls or before picking the paints is a very common mistake. Unfortunately, this mistake causes a lot of confusion and color contrast in the rooms, which in turn makes the rooms look so chaotic. Once you have chosen the paint for the walls, you can be able to match the colors of the accessories, the sofas and the rugs. If you have already bought the furniture and other accessories, you should take small fabric swatches from the furniture to the paint store to match colors. You can also take home a few swatches of paints to test out the best shades before you paint the entire walls.

7. Not Doing The Windows Right

When your curtains have been hung too low on the windows, they make the room seem smaller than it is and they do not look too good especially as they leave room between the window and the ceiling. It is recommended to hang the window curtains as close to the ceiling as possible and let the drapes flow downwards, which creates a sense of more space. It is also important that you do not block the natural light from getting into the room for as we said earlier, natural lighting enhances the looks of a room.


If you are not an expert designer, you should consider hiring a professional interior designer to do the job. It can save you money, time and efforts as well as save you from regretting afterwards. If you are from Los Angeles, you can hire a professional interior design company Los Angeles. If you are more specifically from an area like Beverly Hills, you can go for one of the best interior designers Beverly Hills. One important thing to mention here that many people think interior designers charge big bucks doing nothing. Just contact some designers around you and you will know how affordable their prices can be.