Complete Bedroom Makeover Tips

Bedroom Redecorating Ideas to Consider Right Now

Bedrooms on Trend in 2018. Complete-Bedroom-Makeover-Tips

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You’ve done your spring cleaning and promised yourself that you were going to make some changes around the house as soon as possible. You got rid of all the clutter and decided on redoing your master bedroom to make it the best room in your home, but how do you start? Small budget or unlimited, wonderful changes are possible with the right ideas. Click through all of redecorating tips and suggestions FINE Magazine has collected and make your bedroom dreamier than ever.


Introduce a New Color

Get the most with a new color scheme and don’t be afraid of statement colors to bring that refreshing look you desire. Be bold with your choices and try adding that bright yellow, hot pink, or cherry red to your furniture, accessories, windows, or even walls. Think of a color you want to dominate in your bedroom, use inspiration from a store or interior decor magazine catalog, and that’s how you’ll start creating decorative glimpses leading to a full picture of how you want your bedroom to look.


Purple – Stylish and TrendyComplete-Bedroom-Makeover-Tips

Fall (back) in love with color purple and all its dark and light shades, use them to paint an accent wall and make your version of Purple Rain, and buy a new bedding in opposite shade of purple. Your results will pleasantly surprise you and whomever you’ll allow a sneak peek of your relax zone.


Brown and Gray Balance Complete-Bedroom-Makeover-Tips

 The Master Bedroom can take and make a lot of colors work - in the right combinations. Brown and gray being one of the greatest and most easily accomplished by painting your wall with either and using the other color to complete the look. If you don’t want to paint the wall, make your room cozier with some new pictures in light brown wooden frames, find a perfect shade of brown for covering your armchair, and round it all out with some new light gray pillowcases and plant pots.


Turn Your Bed into a Four-Post Bed


Choose a solid wood four post bed and your master bedroom will instantly look more luxurious. If you consider yourself or your sweetheart to be quite the craftsman, give it a personal DIY touch and construct your own frame.


We All Live in a Yellow Submarine


Surround your happy place with warm and vibrant yellow. It will bring additional natural light to the bedroom, especially if you have a lot of windows. Complemented with a creamy eggshell white and you'll do wonders with your bedroom makeover. Try it on curtains, paintings, new furniture, or add a cool lamp onto your nightstand to complete the look.


Textures on the Walls


Wallpaper can be fun and fresh, plus, with the right colors or patterns you can create a breathtaking and calm space to call your own. Look for a wave or ocean pattern, forest theme, or a bright sky and make your bedroom cozy and special.


Armchair Cover – Look for Comfy and Silky​Complete-Bedroom-Makeover-Tips

Invite yourself to rest with a new armchair which is sure to get some attention and bring changes by adding a striking new texture if your chair has the right material or chair cover. Look for the soft and silky throws, rugged leather covers or consider putting the chair in a different corner where you’ll get some reading time.


Floor Attention with an Interesting Rug

Image result for colorful bedroom rugs

Allow your rug to scream from ceiling to floor with wild colors; that alone can change the entire presence of your bedroom. Get a fun and eye-catching design or palette that colors your thoughts and strikes you every time you walk in!


Change Things Around


Sometimes, something as simple as pushing something into a different angle or moving things around can do wonders. A lot of us out there love rearranging more often than others but it can be an unexpected help. Choose a different spot for your bed, floor mirror, or nightstand and you may just be in love with your bedroom all over again.


Stars are NOT just for Kids

Get some exciting additions for your bedroom for that time before you hit the pillow. Projectors or stickers, it’s up to you, but get lots of stars that will glow but not distract you from catching some "Z's."