Custom Closet Design - The Tools of the Trade


Every artist, every craftsman, and every designer is only as good as the tools they have at their disposal. And just like a carpenter has a number of saws to cut wood in different ways and at different angles, a closet remodel project requires you to have specialized tools to meet your goals with the greatest precision and detail.


If you’re trying to remodel your closet into a stylish and organized space, you need to consider the tools available to get the most out of the space you are working with. By selecting components that are going to give you the most for your money, all that’s left is to make them fit together.


Pieces of the Puzzle


Your closet likely already makes use of at least one shelf. They are great for storing folded clothes and other miscellaneous items like luggage or baskets of knick-knacks.


If there were ten commandments of closet design, number one would be DON’T WASTE SPACE! In big bold letters, just like that.


Shelving is mainly implemented into custom designs to take advantage of all the unused wall space in your closet. In fact, almost any empty wall space is likely better off with shelving. One shelf above a hanging rod just isn’t enough to handle most people’s storage needs.



Cabinetry makes a closet both practical and incredibly well-appointed. They give us a floor-to-ceiling solution to take advantage of all our closet’s untapped potential. You can use them to provide an incredible amount of storage space that can be hidden behind a cabinet door.


Shoe Racks

An extensive shoe collection and a closet just don’t get along. If you’ve ever had a closet with shoes piled up on the floor, it’s clear to see how homeowners benefit by adding a shoe rack.


Even if you’ve only got a few pairs, a shoe rack gives each one its own place and goes a long way toward keeping your closet organized.


Belt & Pants Racks

Belt and pants racks make a great addition to a closet for those who have a lot of business attire. If you have trousers that have sensitive creases, hangers made for pants just can’t provide the same results. Plus, they give any closet a professional and organized look and can be used to give purpose to previously wastes space.


Jewelry Boxes & Trays

The best part about incorporating a jewelry box into your design is you’ll have all your pieces right where you need them most. Keeping them in the closet allows you to easily match your jewelry to your outfits and quickly try them on while keeping everything organized.


Build a Closet That’s Uniquely Yours

Everybody has a unique wardrobe and unique storage needs. Once you’ve selected the pieces you are going to use; you’ve just gotta put them together in a way that makes the most use of the space you are working with. You could start with cabinets, fill any additional wall space with shelves, and put a shoe rack on the floor. If you have too much extra space under your hanging items, consider a belt or pants rack to fill it.


Of course, if you ever need help, you could hire a professional closet designer at 180 Closet Design to help guide you through the process. They will help you choose what features and accessories will best accommodate your items and build the custom components you need. They’ll even install it for you!


Whether you seek the help of a professional or are doing a DIY closet remodel, be sure to consider all the tools you have at your disposal, and you’ll design the closet you’ve always dreamed of.