Cute Ways to Decorate Your Studio Apartment

Just because your apartment is smaller than a typical home, doesn’t mean to say it has to feel like a tiny dorm room. While you can’t magically expand the length or width of your room, you can maximize every square inch by creating a beautiful place to live. There is an endless number of ways you can decorate your studio apartment, depending on whether you’re renting or buying it, you may want to take a look below at some top tips. It’s not always easy getting inspiration but stealing style solutions has never been easier with the internet readily available! Put these creative ideas to work and quickly renovate your studio apartment. 

Keep it minimal

Minimalism is on-trend right now, keeping your things in an orderly fashion and ensuring it looks great will lead to a happy life. If you’re tired of feeling as though your studio apartment is small, keeping the design minimal will ensure it looks bigger. There are tons of inspiration out there, RW Invest is a property investment company based in the North West who are particularly useful if you want inspiration. All of their properties have a minimalist design such as white walls and cute furnishings. Therefore, if you want an idea, you can most likely find it by taking a look at their new developments. 

Get creative with shelving

Why take up floor space when there isn’t much to spare? Shelving is an excellent alternative to using boxes or another floor storage type, especially if you’re a hoarder. Studio apartments may seem small initially, but if you utilize the space you have, there are tons of ways to get creative with storage. Shelves can also be stylish and add something unique to your apartment, which otherwise would be lacking. It’s a simple idea but an effective one. 

Use bright and light wall colors

Lighter colors create spacious environments, have you ever wondered why most office walls are white or cream? That’s because light colors make spaces appear a lot bigger than they are. Since the light bounces off the walls and the room is bright, it makes everything better. This is especially true for studio apartments, ensuring you have light-colored walls will mean you feel better every day. There will be no more worrying about small spaces in your apartment so long as you have light walls. 

Hide everything

Avoid overcrowding by hiding everything away as much as you can. Studio apartments are small, which often means you need to have minimal things, or you simply use storage methods to hide everything. If you’re designing an apartment or renovating one, you may want to think about a fold away bed or a sofa bed rather than a rather double or single choice. This will mean you have a lot more space, and when visitors are over, you can hide everything away, including your messy bed!

Create a walk-in closet

Storage options aren’t as limited as you may think. Even studios can have some extra space for a walk-in closet. While it may not be the biggest closet you’ve ever seen, it is a great way to save space and keep everything organized. Any potential space you have for a closet is worth taking a look at and seeing what you can do to utilize the space more efficiently.