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"In recent years, a team of local landscape design experts has been taking San Diego by storm, helping homeowners transform their front and back yards into sustainable, eco-friendly, and awe-inspiring outdoor living spaces. From xeriscape landscapes to complete outdoor entertaining havens, Deep Rooted Designs works with a variety of home styles including Craftsman, Contemporary, Mid Century, Spanish-style Bungalow, and more."

Recently, several of Deep Rooted Designs' projects have been located in North Park and South Park, San Diego. The influx of homeowners requesting landscape redesigns in this area inspired co-owners James Fahy and Rich Rechif to move their headquarters to Grape Street in South Park. They are thrilled to be a part of such a thriving, creative, and buzzing community. 

This year, Deep Rooted Designs completed one of their most complex landscape design and construction projects of all time. Located in South Park, this historic Spanish-style home had a significant amount of unusable outdoor living space due to the topography of the landscape. The backyard consisted of multiple elevations and retaining walls that dated back over 100 years. 

When homeowners Jamie and Jeff first laid eyes on this home, they immediately fell in love with its uniqueness. It was important to them to preserve its beauty during the construction process. After researching several companies, they tasked the Deep Rooted team with designing and building a new outdoor living concept that created additional square footage and highlighted the unique features of the home and the historical elements throughout the property.

Ultimate San Diego Outdoor Living Space

Additionally, the clients wanted the landscape design to compliment the Spanish-style architecture of the home without being “over the top”. Having a low-maintenance outdoor entertaining space was important as well. Thanks to Deep Rooted Designs’ state of the art digital rendering services, the homeowners were able to clearly see how the finished result would look, as well as make revisions prior to construction taking place. 

Deep Rooted Designs

“The mixed elevations of the backyard made for a fun and challenging project. In fact, it was hard to wrap our heads around the design at first. After a few drafts of designs and renderings, we were able to create a strategy that perfectly executed all of the elements that the clients were looking for,” stated founder James Fahy when asked how he enjoyed this complex redesign. 

 In the end, the homeowners were blown away by the results. The Deep Rooted Designs team created a completely functional outdoor living room and kitchen, which included a state-of-the-art BBQ, concrete countertops, outdoor sink, fridge, fire-pit, ceiling fan, premium hardwood Mangaris decking, custom landscape lighting, and a custom-built pergola with canned lighting. Plants were added throughout the entire space and were strategically selected for low-maintenance upkeep while blending in with all design elements.

The in-house design team also created the concept for the pool. While Deep Rooted Designs does not specialize in pool installations, the project manager was able to monitor the construction to ensure that it was done in continuity with all parts of the project.

Deep Rooted DesignsKnowing the homeowner's style preferences, Deep Rooted Designs created a healthy blend of contemporary elements while using Spanish style colors, textures, and finishes. In the end, the homeowners were thrilled with the usable outdoor living space they gained and the beauty of the landscape design as a whole. 

Deep Rooted Designs

Since this project, Deep Rooted Designs has received requests for outdoor living space remodels from homeowners with similar topographies. Many homeowners have mixed elevations in their front and backyards that many contractors shy away from…but not Deep Rooted Designs. They are willing and able to take on complex outdoor landscaping projects and look forward to working with more homeowners in San Diego. If you're interested in learning more about Deep Rooted Designs, visit their website!