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Design is Inclusive

On the heels of the BLLA – Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association, followed by MDC2017, the epic Monterrey Design Conference, I had a revelation.    And it has been right in front of me all the time.  I knew it; I talk about it; I write and lecture about it.  Architectural Design Is Inclusive…

Design Inclusive_Margit E. Whitlock AIA

If you follow the history of Design, every wave of trends has been driven by external sources. We are always responding to the world as a whole, expressing our cultures in fashion, art, architecture, culinary and spirits.  And we love our spirits! 

For instance, the color Grey hit the scene in 2007 as the financial institutions of America were eroding quickly.  Grey held its position in all facets of design from paint to textiles for a decade and still is holding strong…under-toning many color hues.  But – color of all kinds has re-emerged.  Thank Goodness!

At the MDC2017, legend Gene Kavanagh of Los Angeles announced the world had discovered a NEW BLUE…  Puzzled by that notion, I investigated and yes, there is a new blue!   

"I think generally people take color for granted," Narayan Khandekar says. "They walk around without thinking that every color they see — every car, every piece of plastic — has a piece of dye in it that somebody found and figured out how to make. When you put pigments in art, people stop and pay attention to it."

Design, whether it is industrial, graphic arts, fine arts or high fashion interiors; are all interconnected.  We use color, textures, materials, geometry, light, and shadow to convey the design and ultimately produce the piece however large or small.  We, humans, have visually evolved - in my opinion.   Many experience the spacial environment in 3D even if they don’t realize it.  It was not-long-ago people really did not relate Architecture to Interior Design, thinking they were separate disciplines. I beg to differ as it is all interrelated. And the paradigm has shifted with most of the “Design Enthusiasts” seeking out spaces that bring about an experience to enhance their dining, shopping, and vacationing needs.