Ditching Traditional Casinos for Live Casino Action? - How to Pick the Right One


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If you’re planning to ditch conventional land-based casinos for some live casino action, please be aware that the same live casino provider could be serving tens or hundreds of different online casino platforms. It implies that if you’re fond of a certain live casino platform, you might find the same games at many other portals. Coming back to the live casino action, regardless of where you indulge in it, it’s important to pay attention to some important considerations before finally selecting the right platform.

Selection of games

Majority of the live casinos provide nothing else apart from roulette, blackjack and baccarat. That’s not a huge variety! But in the defence of these platforms, running only popular games ensures good attendance at the tables.


If you’re after a wider selection of games, you must carry out ample research and ensure that the brand behind the live casino operator is a well-known one. Some of the other popular live casino games offered in this regard are three card poker, Caribbean poker, Sic Bo and Casino Hold ‘em.

Quality of dealers

Many live casino platforms call their dealers ‘presenters’. These presenters can be interesting, witty and funny at the same time! Playing at the table with a popular dealer can definitely increase the excitement quotient of the game. It would be best if you can find a dealer who really loves his/her job and it shows in his/her conduct!


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Availability of free trial

While majority of regular online casino games can be tried out for free initially, until you choose to make a deposit and play with real money, when it comes to live casinos, there is usually no such free play available. The reason is that these casino platforms can’t afford to incur such big costs, only to let people play these games for free. However, there might be a few rare live casinos, backed by big business entities, who would offer even free trials to interested people. Furthermore, it’s very important to choose your casino carefully. You wouldn’t want to be in a situation like this jackpot winner!

Is it a studio setup or a land-based casino?

Live casinos normally stream the gaming action either from a studio setup or a real brick-and-mortar casino. As also mentioned earlier, these casino streams are usually provided for popular games like roulette and baccarat, where the quickness of the gaming action is not dependent upon the number of players.


More and more live casinos are opting for studio streaming these days as it gives them the flexibility to customize the casino environment and brand different games as per their liking. However, please note, there’s no difference in terms of fun whether you’re playing in a studio streamed or a land-based casino environment, even if it’s being streamed from the most expensive casino building in the world .


Language support

While majority of the live casinos have English as their primary language, if you don’t understand English well, you could seek out other appropriate live casino environments. Some of the other languages that live casinos normally offer are: Spanish, German, Turkish, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Dutch and Greek.