Don't Outdo the Flower Girl: Your Complete Guide to Wedding Attire for Kids


Your Complete Guide to Wedding Attire for Kids

Are you wondering how to dress your children for a wedding? If so, check out this guide to learn about wedding attire for kids.

Welcome to wedding season! If you're gearing up for family-friendly nuptials, it's important to know how to dress.

Not only are there rules on what you can and can't wear, but there are guidelines parents need to keep in mind when it comes to dressing their children for a wedding.

When it comes to wedding attire, kids are just as important as adults. Certain rules that apply for older female guests don't apply to young girls. For boys, it's important your son looks dapper and fits in with the crowd.

We've got the breakdown on how to dress your children for any upcoming family weddings you're gearing up for this season.

Summer Wedding Attire for Girls

Simple yet cute is the key for young female wedding guests. Your girls should wear breezy summer dresses they feel comfortable in. For reference, check out these stylish summer fashions from Chloe Kids.

White Is Acceptable

First things first, it's acceptable for young girls to wear white to a wedding. We all know white is off limits for most guests, but young children are the exception to the rule.

To make sure you don't ruffle any feathers on the wedding day, ask the bride if she minds if your child wears white the wedding. A simple white summer dress is usually okay. Don't go overboard and get a dress that overshadows or confuses your daughter with the flower girl.

Flowers and Casual Designs Encouraged

Let your daughter wear something with style! Steer clear of lace and ornate designs. Instead, stick with summery dresses and skirts with flower patterns and simple designs.

For summer weddings, pick a colorful outfit. It's a happy occasion, so bright colors are perfectly fine at a wedding. Pinks, yellows, and light blue dresses and skirts are excellent choices.

Would She Wear It to Church?

If your daughter would wear the dress to a place of worship, then it's acceptable at a wedding. Finish the outfit with a light sweater in case she gets cold, especially if the ceremony is indoors.

This rule pertains to shoes. Don't let your daughter wear flipflops. Instead, pick out flats or classy sandals.

Comfort Is Key

Above all, make sure your daughter's outfit is comfortable. You don't want to stuff her into a stiff dress or one that's too heavy for the temperature. The last thing you want to deal with at a wedding is a grumpy child.

Stick with light and airy dresses made from breezy materials. Bring a sweater to layer the outfit. If the wedding is outdoors, your daughter can wear a hat to protect her from the sun.

Summer Wedding Attire for Boys

When it comes to dressing young men for a summer wedding, stick with dark colors. Finish the look with a tie and despite their age, don't let your young wedding guests sport jeans for the occasion.

Dark Is Preferred

For boys, dark suits are better than light ones. Why? There are two important reasons.

First, dark suits blend in with the crowd. Your son can easily look like the older wedding guests, which might make him more inclined to wear it.

Second, and more importantly, dark colors won't show stains and food droppings. If your young man is prone to spilling things on himself, stick with navy blue and black suits.

Don't Forget a Tie

No matter what age he is, men wear ties to weddings. It's a sign of respect. Plus, it gives your little man a chance to dress like dad.

For babies and toddlers, clip-on ties and little bow ties look adorable. Preschoolers through preteens should wear legit ties. It's the perfect opportunity to teach him how to tie one.

Never Wear Jeans

Even if the wedding has a relaxed atmosphere, leave the jeans at home. Men and women of all ages should never wear jeans to a wedding.

If a suit is too formal (or if your little guy refuses to wear one) a nice polo with a pair of khakis is a good second choice.

Make sure he tucks in his shirt. Add a nice belt and some dress loafers. He can finish the outfit with a tie that hangs loosely around his collar.

If a suit is too much, khakis are the next best option. Never opt for jeans.

Wedding Faux Pas

Now you know what should be doing when it comes to dressing young wedding guests, make sure you're aware of what not to do.

Don't Ignore Attire Rules

It's the bride and groom's special day, so they get to decide what guests wear. Don't ignore this. The suggested attire should be printed somewhere on the formal wedding invitation.

Black tie weddings are as formal as they get. Before you roll your eyes at the bride and groom, keep in mind the wedding venue may have strict dress codes that the wedding couple is adhering to.

Black tie events call for dark suits or tuxedo sets. Boys should wear a jacket, formal shirt, black shoes, and finish with a tie. Black tie formal weddings call for long and dark dresses for girls.

Non-black tie but still formal weddings are held in the evening. Boys can wear suits or blazers. Girls should dress in formal dresses, and bright colors are acceptable.

For an informal, daytime wedding, the wedding attire is more relaxed. Young boys can get away with khaki pants and a collared shirt while girls can wear flowery skirts and sandals.

Don't Forget the Backup Outfit

Kids are messy, but if you're a parent you should already know that. But what are parents always supposed to be? Prepared!

Bring a backup outfit for your child in case of an emergency. If your little girl spills chocolate milk all over her yellow dress, have a pink one in the car ready to go. If your young man sneaks away to play in the mud during the outdoor ceremony, have a spare collared shirt and pants in the trunk for the reception.

Don't Buy an Outfit That Won't Fit

Kids grow quickly. If you're prepping for a wedding a few months ahead, keep in mind there's a good chance your child will have a growth spurt and have trouble fitting into their wedding attire.

To cover your bases, buy the outfit one size too big. The clothes will still fit if your child doesn't grow and can accommodate any growth spurts your kid goes through before the wedding. Forcing your child into an outfit that's too small is uncomfortable to look at and for your little one to endure.

Don't Forget to Check the Weather

The day of the wedding, you should know exactly what the forecast will be. Be prepared with extra layers, sunblock, and rain jackets to keep your children comfortable throughout all of the wedding festivities.

Fashion Trends for Every Summer Event

When it comes to social functions and wedding attire, all of the rules and restrictions can get overwhelming. That's why we've broken down everything wedding guests need to keep in mind this party season. Above all, don't forget weddings should be filled with love, laughter, and plenty of fun.