Easy Maintenance Hacks To Get Your Home Summer Ready


While most homeowners only think that you need to prepare and get your property ready for the winter months, the reality is that your home will need just as much attention during the summer months also. Rainstorms, unkempt grass and weeds and even cracked and damaged window frames can wreak havoc on your home, in addition to making your home look attractive to opportunists and thieves. So, if you are keen to make the most of your property now that the weather is improving, then it is time to act fast and complete the following maintenance hacks to ensure that you can enjoy your home all summer long.


First, it is vital that you prioritize which areas of your home need the most attention, in particular, if are looking to undertake a larger maintenance or renewal project. Be sure to focus your efforts on the exterior of your home first, to ensure that you can keep your family safe and protected as quickly as possible. Next, work out how much time and money that you are willing to spend on your home improvement projects. Remember that most projects may cost more than you are budgeting, so be sure to have some extra income to spare just in case you pass your initial total sum. Once you have worked out which areas of your home need some serious TLC, then you can begin to start on your new home improvement projects, so that your property will be ready in time for the long summer evenings.


Guttering and roof maintenance

If you want to ensure that your home is summer ready, then make sure that you take time to inspect your guttering and roofing. Poor drainage could ultimately cause long-lasting water damage to your property, so it pays to check your gutters for any leaks and make sure that your downspouts are not draining onto your home – as this will damage your exterior brickwork. Make sure that you take time to clear any debris and old leaves from your pipes, to ensure that your home is ready for those summer showers. Next, you can pay attention to your roof. Remember that this acts as the primary defense mechanism against bad weather, so be sure to complete a thorough inspection to check for signs of warping or cracking. Replace any loose tiles immediately. Take time to check your chimney and skylights also, as these are weaker areas. If you are not sure what you are looking for, then it pays to invest in an expert roofer to help you to perform a thorough check of your home. Make sure that you check your guttering and maintenance to ensure that your home is protected and ready for freak summer weather.


Fix up your backyard

If you are fortunate enough to have a backyard or outside space, then you will want to make sure that this space is summer ready, so that you can plan cookouts with friends and family or even spend afternoons lazing outdoors and enjoying the rays. You could begin by rethinking and planning your landscaping, in particular, if you have longed to make some serious changes to your current layout. Get rid of any old plants and chop back overgrown flowers and trees to make room for new planting, and make sure that you take time to water new seedlings and smaller plants. Be sure to cut your lawn and keep the grass short all summer, so that you reduce the number of bugs and insects that are attracted to your property. Make sure that you pay attention to the edges of borders also, so that you can keep on top of any weeds. Take time to repaint your fences and restain any outdoor furniture that you have so that you are prepared and ready to invite your friends around during the warmer weather. Plus, giving your furniture a new lick of paint will protect it from any adverse weather. You could also consider planting out a kitchen garden near your back door, and use summer herbs and fragrant flowers to keep the pesky wasps and flies out of your kitchen. Finally, make sure that you scrub and clean down your outdoor cooker and barbeque, and get rid of any old ash or residue. Once you have taken these steps, you will have a backyard that is ready for you to invite your family and friends over, and get planning a summer filled with entertainment and outdoor activities.


Final touches

Once you have paid attention to your backyard and completed essential maintenance work, you can begin to focus on the final attention and touches that your home needs. Make sure that you clean your windows and paint any cracked or damaged frames, to ensure that your home looks pristine while keeping your entire family safe and secure. Make sure that you consider fitting a backwater valve system so that your home is protected in case the main sewer line gets backed up. Finally, finish off by clearing and cleaning your driveway and making sure that you polish your tiles or wooden flooring so that visitors will instantly feel welcomed when they cross the threshold into your home.


If you are looking to improve your home for the summer, then now is the perfect time to start. Make sure that you clean and repair your guttering and roof so that your family is protected against the elements and adverse weather. Be sure to clean up your backyard so that you can invite your friends round and plan a summer filled with outdoor activities and cookouts.  You may also want to rethink your current landscaping or garden layout plan and be sure to get your summer furniture out of storage. Do not forget to complete any final finishing touches inside your home too, such as polishing your flooring and repainting cracked and damaged doorframes and windowsills. Make sure that you take these steps to get your home ready and prepared so that you can enjoy it all summer long.