Embellish Your Image with Fine Jewelry


Fine jewelry makes a statement no matter what style of clothing you are wearing. A well-crafted piece of jewelry containing quality gems such as emeralds, rubies, and diamonds are the focal point of any outfit. But just how can you tell if the gemstones you are buying are good quality? Since quality gemstones are essential to put the sparkle in your wardrobe, let us look at how to choose quality diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.

Diamonds are Your Friend

We will start with diamonds since they are a girl's best friend. First, you need to find a company that knows all about diamonds. This is where a shop like Diamonds Forever San Diego will make a difference. They will not only add sparkle to your outfit but will also make your self-image dazzle. Choosing a quality diamond can be challenging; you can follow these guidelines to make it easier.

Examine the Cut -- A well-cut diamond is brilliant because of the cut. The network of cuts in the stone is called facets. The facets reflect or bounce light off of each other. The more light that is bounced around in the stone, the more it sparkles. If the facets are not cut properly or the stone itself is too shallow or deep, then the light doesn't bounce. Instead, light escapes the stone. When the light is allowed to escape from the stone, the diamond lacks luster, and the quality is less.

Clarity of the Stone -- Since diamonds are a rock formed naturally, they often have impurities or inclusions. Most inclusions in a diamond you cannot see with your eye. Diamonds are rated by their level of flaws or inclusions. Here are the ratings and what they mean.

  • FL flawless -very rare

  • IF no internal flaws-rare

  • VVS1 very very small inclusions, invisible to the untrained eye with a 10X magnifier

  • VVS2 very very small inclusions, invisible to the untrained eye with a 10X magnifier

  • VS1 very small inclusions, can be seen with a 10x magnifier

  • VS2 very small inclusions, can be seen with a 10x magnifier

  • SI1 small inclusions easy to spot with a 10x magnifier

  • SI2 small inclusions easy to spot with a 10x magnifier

  • I1, I2, I3 inclusions can be seen with your eyes, no magnifier needed

Color of the Stone -- Most times it is hard to see the color of the diamond, especially if it is cut well. However, the color makes an impact on the price. Here are the grades of color.

  • D grade (blue-white) colorless

  • E grade "ice white"

  • F grade "fine white"

  • Grades G, H, and I are white

  • Grades J, K, L, M have a more silver tint

So when you are choosing your beautiful new diamond, use this guide to find a sparkling friend that will last a lifetime.

Choosing the Perfect Emerald

Emeralds are regal and symbolize stability and steadfastness. Adding an emerald to your outfit definitely makes a statement. The color of an emerald needs to be rich and deep. Let us look at how to choose an emerald to add to your wardrobe.

Examine the Hue -- Hue means the tint which adds to the richness of the color of the stone. Some emeralds have a blue-green hue while others have a yellow-green hue. The most expensive emeralds are pure green.

Look at the Tonal Color -- The tonal color means light and dark tones of the stone. The darker tones are usually of better quality. Remember you don't want the tones to be so dark they look black. They need to appear green for a quality stone.

The emerald has a similar ranking scale as the diamond. Here is the emeralds inclusion ranking system.

  • VVS very, very slight inclusions

  • VS very slight inclusion

  • SI1 and SI1 slight inclusion

  • I1,I2,and I3 Included

You can now confidently find yourself an elegant and regal emerald as an addition to your stylish wardrobe.

Rubies Bring Out the Passion

Rubies are considered the stone of love, passion, and power. Rubies are not graded on a standard scale like many of the other gemstones. Choosing a quality ruby has a lot to do with preference. Here is a basic guide to selecting a ruby.

Choose a Color -- Rubies come in various colors from pure red to purplish red. They can also be found in orange-red, rose, and pink colored rubies.

Clarity -- Hold the ruby in bright light, and look for grey or black spots or patches in the stone. These are called extinctions. The extinctions are where the light cannot reach, and this reduces the value of the ruby. As you hold the ruby toward the light, move it around and make sure it allows light through and shows its brilliance.

You can be sure you are choosing a quality ruby, a beautiful piece to add to your collection of fine jewelry.

Each outfit you wear must have an exceptional piece of fine jewelry as a symbol of quality and elegance. Start adding quality pieces to your collection; they last a lifetime. You will embellish your image and cherish your fine jewelry forever.