5 Essential Items for Your Kitchen Makeover


When you eventually get around to giving your kitchen a makeover, you might be amazed at the amount of clutter and useless gadgets you’ve accumulated over the years. It’s only when you need to clear the contents of your kitchen for a complete renovation that you’ll realize how over complicated your kitchen has become.

When you’re planning your kitchen remodel, you’ll want to make the best decisions when it comes to flooring and cabinets. It can also be the perfect opportunity to get back to basics. After spending several thousand dollars on your remodel, you want to be able to see all the beautiful features, not have them covered up with a long line of gadgets. If you want to get back to basics in your kitchen, here is a list of the must have items.


  1. A Good Knife

Having a good quality kitchen knife is essential. It will save you so much time and be a worthy investment. Start with a Japanese chef’s knife and a small paring knife, and you’ll have more than 90% of cutting jobs covered. Don’t be tempted to store your knives in a drawer that just allows them to roll around and get damaged. Instead, invest in a magnetic wall strip, knife block or countertop dock, under cabinet storage, or drawer storage.


  1. Mixing Bowls

If there’s a baker in the family then mixing bowls are an essential item for the kitchen. There are many different styles to choose from and enough colors to complement any shade of paint. Melamine bowls are great because they are durable, lightweight, and heat resistant. Choose a style with rubber base rings, and you won’t have to worry about it slipping around on the countertop. If your baker is only part-time, the right style of mixing bowl can serve several functions. Use them for dishing up salads, pasta, and rice dishes.


  1. Kitchen Tongs

Useful for far more than simply turning steaks on the BBQ, a sturdy pair of kitchen tongs can be used for loosening boiling spaghetti, tossing a salad, fishing deep-fried nuggets out of the fryer, turning cubes of browning meat, and making sure your homemade donuts get golden brown all over. If there are tasks you need to perform but you don’t want to burn your fingers or get them sticky, roll out a pair of kitchen tongs.


  1. Large Cutting Board

A large cutting or chopping board can be used for many different things. When it comes to size, it can never be too big. Use it for food prep, with several items being prepared on the same board, as a cheese block or breadboard for serving your homemade bread at the table. What is the best material for a cutting block? They can be made from a variety of materials, each with their own pros and cons.


  1. A Silicone Spatula

One last kitchen essential is the trusty scraper. They’ve been used in the kitchen for decades, but the modern cook can take advantage of the space age material silicon. It’s firm, flexible, available in a range of colors, and heat resistant up to 800F.


With these 5 essential items in your kitchen, you’ll have plenty of room left for preparing food, and you’ll be able to admire all the recent renovation work.