Experts Guide To Hairdressing Scissors

Whenever it comes to creating beautiful hairstyles, whether it happens to be a complete makeover or just a simple trim, every hairstylist requires the right pair of good-quality hairdressing scissors if they want to work as efficiently as possible on each and every cutting job they take on. If you are an experienced hair stylist, then you probably have excellent knowledge of how hairdressing scissors are chosen. However, if you are kind of new to all this and you haven't done much hairdressing before then you might not really know what exactly to look for.


Professional hairdressers need a wide variety of scissors to make sure they always get the best results and one of the ways you can ensure this happens is by getting the right scissors for every possible job. Having the right pair can help improve both customer satisfaction as well as performance, which will in turn also help encourage great customer service. According to Scissor Tech Australia it's very important to get the right pair scissors when you're a hairdresser, that's why they have so many on offer. Always try and go for scissors that have been manufactured using high-quality materials.


Scissor Blades

While ease of use and comfort are very important when it comes to scissors of this kind, the key feature is still the blades it has. Before you purchase a pair, you need to carefully consider what type of materials were used to manufacture that particular product. The type of scissor is also key. For instance, serrated scissors are what would be ideal for the amateurs and beginners, however, the more experienced stylist might prefer the convex edge type which has the smoothest and sharpest cutting blades.


1. Carbon Steel

Products made using this material often provide you with good quality at very affordable prices. The blade keeps good sharp edges, although it will still require some blade care and routine sharpening to make sure they stay in excellent shape. When wiping them down use a fine oil and protect the blades after you're done using them for the day because sometimes carbon steel can rust if they're stored in humid environments or when they get damp.


2. Stainless Steel

Hairdressing scissor products manufactured using this material are arguably by far the most forgiving as well as the most popular scissors that are currently being used in the hair styling industry at large. A high-quality stainless steel scissor product will adequately satisfy a majority of the daily hairdressing needs and requirements most hair stylists will have.


3. High-Cobalt Stainless Steel

Products manufactured using this material are normally the premium quality item options on the market. Their stainless steel blades are extremely hard so as to retain fine cutting edges, and many of them happen to be hand-honed in order to provide exceptionally smooth actions. Hairstyling scissors made from high cobalt steel will also help reduce the strain suffered by the hand of the hairdresser, and this is particularly important if the said item is being used on a daily basis.


Types Of Scissors

1. Straight Scissors

The hairdressing scissors that are the most commonly used are no doubt the straight scissors. You'll come across them in almost every hairstyling business operation. They come in a wide variety of sizes in which they do so to suit all kinds of hairdressers for blade length and weight. The scissor sizes you'll find showcased represent the products overall length and not just the blade's length.

2. Micro Serrated Scissors

As the name suggests, micro serrations are very fine grooves that have been machined into the hairdressing scissors cutting edge. They're there to help you grip hair during cutting as well as reduce the "fatigue" experienced by your blade when its cutting edges start to become dull because of being used daily. Most new hair stylist scissor products are now being made to have at least one blade that has been micro-serrated

3. Thinning Hairdressing Scissors

The products used to "lighten" or thin out thick heads of hair when it comes to hairstyling are commonly referred to as thinning hairdressing scissors. They can also be used for blending between clipped or scissored hair without sharp edges. Those can be left with the straight scissors we're just from highlighting earlier on in this article. Anyway, thinning scissors normally come in either single or double serrated versions and they'll give a more natural finish as well as generally remove a lot less hair. Single serration is when it only has teeth on one side, for those of you that weren't sure. The plain blade, prior to cutting, can be used for lifting the hair.


Importance Of Choosing The Right Pair

When it comes to locating the products that will best suit all your needs and requirements, you'll need to first know the type of cutting style you as a hairdresser will be using often. Ask yourself what you'll be executing a lot of the time first before you go out looking for the scissors you want to use. Knowing this will help determine which scissor shape will be best suited for the cutting technique you're looking to execute. Once you've figured all this out, you'll then need to determine the size that'll best suit you. The smaller sized scissor products between four and six inches help create more precise shapes when cutting hair.


Those that are above six inches in size are better for basic trimming as well as for some certain techniques the likes of the scissor over comb styling techniques and such. The rule of thumb, you should use here is to use your middle finger to measure the blade. This is one of the best ways to know what really suits you when size is concerned.


Most professional hairdressing scissor products are usually specifically designed to give the user the ultimate cutting experience, no matter what level they may be. There's normally a wide variety available to you, from premium, top-of-the-line Japanese steel products to your run of the mill budget student scissor options. You just need to know exactly what you're looking for to avoid getting overwhelmed by it all. Hopefully, this article has shown you how you can do this.