MomCo - The Tinder App for Moms To Meet Moms

Revolutionary app connecting Moms with other moms

CEO & Founder, Jill Darlington

Watch out Silicon Valley! San Diego has the newest app that hundreds of thousands of moms are using. 

MomCo is a new app for iPhone and Android, that connects moms with other moms in their community that have shared interests and similar-aged children. Also known as the “Tinder app for moms," it helps moms find local services, play dates, deals, and events. It is based on proximity so everything closest to you comes up first. MomCo combines the best elements from other popular platforms that are currently being utilized by moms. MomCo has streamlined, further developed and refined these elements to meet the needs of modern moms.

The MomCo app was developed to become the app that every mom or expectant mother downloads as her one-stop virtual resource for motherhood. But MomCo has created more than an app; they have a brand that other moms, bloggers and media are voluntarily rallying behind. This resource is going to change the way moms learn about products and businesses. 

MomCo was created and developed locally in San Diego by Founder and CEO, Jillian Darlington, who was inspired by her own life experiences. We sat down with her to get some insight into what makes MomCo so successful.

How did you come up with the idea for MomCo?

As a young mom, I worked tirelessly going to play dates and classes with my son just hoping to click with another cool mom to be friends with. A few years later I got divorced and downloaded the Tinder app. It made me think, “Why doesn’t something like this exist for moms to locate other moms that live close to them?” This - coupled with my experiences as a previous small business owner - is how the concept for the MomCo app was formed; a GEO location-based social networking app for moms to find friendship and support. Also, the perfect platform for any business that caters to women and children to be able to list themselves so all the moms in their community can easily find them. The MomCo app solves issues for moms and small business owners.  

MomCo App

Where can MomCo be used and how is it used?

MomCo is being used across the nation and in some other countries as well (i.e. Australia, Canada, etc). We started in San Diego, so we have a lot of concentration here, however it has quickly spread everywhere. 

The app is being used for moms to meet other moms that have similar aged kids that live close by. Moms are also having fun with the play dates and giveaways sections as well as getting support in forums and saving money in the deals section. MomCo has been approached by numerous brands that want to reach moms on a local level. We are staying true to the brands that were built on the idea of "Moms Helping Moms." They plan themed play dates that are free for moms to attend. A portion of the money that is made from these play dates by businesses are given to charities that cater to moms and kids. 

What are the benefits of using MomCo?

Both moms and businesses can benefit from using MomCo. The benefits for moms are that the app connects moms with other local moms in the their communities, arrange play dates, save money, get support, locate all services and products that cater to moms, locate family friendly events. The benefits for local businesses easy exposure to moms and moms can run deals and list events. 

How can moms get involved?

Moms can get involved by downloading the app. Start planning their own play dates and sharing pictures on social media with the hashtag #MomCoPlaydate!

Why MomCo?

There is no other app like it on the market and it truly is a one-stop virtual resource for motherhood. Moms would rather have 1 app on their phone that does 6 things, than 6 apps that do 1 thing. It was founded by 2 moms here in San Diego that stand behind their mission of "Moms Helping Moms." Everything that they do with the app and otherwise supports this mission.

What is on the MomCo blog?

The MomCo blog has become very popular. It includes information that moms would be interested in such as tips for raising kids, humor about motherhood, planning themed play dates, fun product giveaways, and more.

How can moms stay updated with the Mom Co app?

Follow MomCo on all social media channels (facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter and periscope). 

What’s next for MomCo?

MomCo is just getting started. They have a lot planned and are looking forward to the journey ahead. Their ultimate goal is to be the app that every mom downloads once she gets pregnant. Kind of like how every mom gets the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" once she gets pregnant. Now she will download the MomCo app too. 

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