Family Trip: Camping Guidelines


Feeling a little unsettled regarding your first camping trip with the fam? Loosen up and hold your horses! We will help you plan to make your camping outdoor fun and memorable! 

Whether you are a first-time camper or a veteran, below are the things you need to remember. Make it a worthwhile outdoor activity with your kids and be reminded about the safety gears, camping gears, meals to prepare and many more! 


1.     Wisely Select Where to Camp 

The best way to know what gears and activities to prepare for the family trip is by determining first where to camp. Knowing where to camp is essential in determining what type of place you will be spending your time with or how far it is from your home. Are you going to a place near a lake? A forest, maybe? Is it near your home? 

When selecting a campsite for the first time, it is better to choose those campgrounds that offer amenities (bathrooms, playgrounds, recreational facilities, etc.) Remember that you won’t find full-services in a far-flung campsite which is not ideal when camping with your kids. 


2.     Camping Gear Essentials

If you are heading to a campsite with full amenities, you can often find equipment that is ready for rent. If you are not, then bring with you the following essentials. 


If you have a big family or group, a bigger tent is what you will be needing. Look for those easy-to-assemble tents and make sure to have them tested before camping. For sure, you don’t want to ruin your outdoor camping just because you are not familiar with assembling your gears. 

Sleeping Gear

The weather can get cold as ice but can also get warm as toast. Thus, aside from ideally bringing a standard-type of sleeping gear such as mattresses, sheets and blankets, you can pull off thicker ones. It is better to be ready than sorry. 

Battery-operated Lantern and Flashlight 

Light up your camping experience and don’t forget to bring extra batteries. Likewise, bring a clip hanger for the lantern. 


3.     Safety Kit

When camping outdoors, a safety kit should never be crossed out from the list. Take in necessary medicines, band-aids, plaster, medical tape, mosquito cream, antihistamines, rubbing alcohol, etc. Many ready-to-go safety kits are available in the market. You can grab some to lessen the cost and time for preparation.  


4.     Get the Kids Involved in Planning the Trip 

Let your kids plan the activities they want to do on the campground. Do they want to hike? Swim? Do they want to dance or play some rusty music? 

Getting your kids involved in planning the trip will be much more fun than you might think. Let them be creative as they can be. Let them plot the games and activities they want to experience while on the campsite. Tell them that the ‘sky is the limit!’ 


5.     Plan Meals Wisely

Campfire cooking is probably one of the most exciting parts of every camping experience, so don’t ruin it by bringing hard-to-cook and easy-to-spoil food.

 When planning a meal, make sure to determine the exact days/nights you will spend your time at the campsite. Mix up some foods that are good sources of protein (eggs and chicken) and easy-to-cook food that is rich in fiber (oatmeal and cereal). Add some peas, veggies and citrus fruits. Also, bring some crackers, marshmallows and chocolates for the kids. 


6.     Jot Down Important Emergency Hotlines 

When choosing a campsite, select the one which is nearest to a hospital or a clinic. It is better to camp near a medical institution in case the worst scenarios happen. Jot down important emergency hotlines before going to any outdoor activity, like camping. 



Getting excited about your camping trip with the family? Equip yourselves with the fundamental guidelines that are listed above and prepare, prepare, prepare. Good luck on your family camping trip! Have fun!