Find Everyday Jewelry Pieces that Suit Your Style

Jewelry is the perfect accessory for finishing off an outfit. The right jewelry can complement your outfit or it can stand out. What you choose to wear comes down to factors like personal interests, style, and budget. Selecting a piece for a special occasion can be easy, but knowing how to find jewelry to complement your everyday attire is a bit more tricky. There are lots of options to choose from so you’ll want to narrow down your search by considering these factors.

You can’t go wrong with shopping for jewelry online. You can compare designs and inventory from thousands of shops across the country. From diamond rings and necklaces from top brand jewelers to special-ordered beads to make your own pieces from sites like, you’ll find a variety of options to suit your fancy. You can find the perfect jewelry for everyday wear by keeping these tips in mind:


Your wardrobe is the most important thing to consider when buying jewelry. You should think about the image you’re trying to portray, and the type of lifestyle you lead. Here are a few style personalities you can use to gauge what types of pieces might be best suited for you:

Sentimental - You prefer to wear jewelry that has meaning to you. Essentially, you wear the same pieces on a regular basis. If so, choose simple pieces that can be worn at the same time as your more treasured jewelry. For example, if you have a heart-shaped locket from your mom, you might pair it with a thin gold or silver chain necklace for a layered effect. Statement pieces for someone who prefers emotional connection than the style wouldn't make much sense as it would take away from the significance of the pieces worn daily.

Classy - Are you the classy type of lady? Do you prefer wearing dresses, pumps, and designer suits? This fashion personality should stick to classic pieces like a string of pearls, bold statement pieces, and diamond studs.

Preppy - do you prefer a cardigan and skinny jeans over a dress and sandals? Are you the sporty and always outgoing type? If your style has ever been referred to as schoolgirl or preppy, then simplistic jewelry is an option. Monogram jewelry, small lockets, and single rope necklaces are a nice touch.

Basic - Are your clothes pretty simple in nature? Do you wear mostly solid traditional colors? Statement pieces are ideal for you to help you stand out just a bit more. Large necklaces vibrant earrings, big-faced watches, and the like can work well.


You have to be comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. Since you’ll be wearing the jewelry all day, you want to make sure you’re not fidgeting with it the entire time. As you shop for pieces, try it on and see how it feels. Is it heavy and weighing you down? Does it have sharp edges that are poking at you? Do you just not feel like yourself when you put it on if so, it’s probably not the piece for you.


You might really love a piece of jewelry you saw online or in the store, but is it worth going bankrupt for? Jewelry can range anywhere from a few bucks to several thousand dollars. Define your budget before making a purchase. If you have money to play with, you can look at more high-end jewelers to find your pieces. If your funds are low, you can purchase costume jewelry, look for discounts, or build your jewelry box over time by purchasing one piece at a time.


Another way to find jewelry that matches your style is to keep an eye on the current trends. There are a  lot of gorgeous collections coming out all the time. Check out magazines and online articles from lifestyle and fashion blogs, and consider resources like social media where you can see what styles others are going for and how they’re pairing it with their outfits.

Jewelry is like the icing on the cake for your style. It is what finishes off your outfit and helps you to make a statement about yourself. Whether you’re classy and casual or bold and eclectic, there are pieces out there that will suit your fancy. Keeping these tips in mind and playing around with ideas can help you find jewelry you love.