Five Health Benefits of Working in Your Garden

Gardening Health Benefits

Gardening Health Benefits

Gardening has long been a hobby of many people, from those who dedicate a huge portion of their time to tending for an elaborate garden to others who perhaps find cutting the lawn a rather therapeutic activity. Whatever kind of gardener you are, there’s no denying that spending some time outside surrounded by nature can make you feel better about a whole lot of things. Along with being an enjoyable and often relaxing hobby, however, did you know that gardening can have a huge number of benefits for your health and well-being? Numerous studies have shown that spending time in nature can boost your mood, but it doesn’t end there. We’ve listed some of the main ways in which gardening can benefit your health. 

#1. Improve Your Immune System:

According to the experts, everything in the garden that we tend to think are ‘dirty’, such as fungi, bacteria, and even bugs are the very things that we need to develop a strong immune system. The more time you spend outside, the more exposure you will gain to various bacteria – rather than making you unwell, this will actually give your body exactly what it needs to strengthen your immune system and become resilient to various forms of disease or infection. 

#2. Strengthen Your Mental Health:

Not only is gardening beneficial for your physical health, it can also help to strengthen your mind. It’s a well-known fact that many people use gardening as a means of winding down and relaxing, and for many people who suffer from mental health problems, getting outdoors and focusing on tending their garden can provide some relief from the symptoms that they battle on a daily basis. When you’re gardening on your own, it can become a very meditative experience that allows you to feel more at one with nature; this in itself can be very powerful when it comes to lifting the mood and even improving self-esteem and self-care. 

#3. Lose Weight:

If you’ve tried a ton of different diets and struggle to keep up with your attempts to go to the gym regularly in order to lose weight, then gardening could be the perfect alternative when it comes to shedding the extra pounds. Although there are many gentler, lighter gardening jobs that don’t require a lot of physical effort, if you want your garden to look great then you’ll undoubtedly need to do more strenuous jobs such as digging, laying turf, or planting large shrubs and trees. Since gardening can be so enjoyable, it’s no surprise that many gardeners can go on for much longer than they would during a visit to the gym, resulting in getting plenty of physical exercise – both cardiovascular and weight-lifting. 

#4. Eat Better:

One of the main beauties of gardening is that it’s not just plants, shrubs and trees that you can tend to in your garden or backyard. Many avid gardeners are also keen to plant their own vegetables, which can be a great way to improve your diet, leading to better health for you and your family. In addition, being able to plant and then eat your own vegetables and even some fruits in your garden can be a great way of saving money on your regular grocery shops, which in turn, can lead to less financial stress and worry – another great positive impact on your health. If you’re considering getting started with planting your own fruits or vegetables in your garden, then take a look at these greenhouse frame options to put together a garden set-up that works well for your needs. 

#5. Improve Your Sleep:

Whether you’re suffering from insomnia or simply find it hard to get a restful night’s sleep every so often, getting out in your garden can guarantee a night of deep sleep that you’ll wake up from feeling refreshed and revitalized. The physical activity of tending to your garden is likely to tire you out, so if you struggle to wind down at night, you’ll be glad to hear that this will leave you feeling sleepy earlier and allow you to get to bed early, which can be great if you’re suffering from an irregular sleeping pattern and want to try and get back to some normality. On the other hand, if you tend to lie awake at night worrying about something, then gardening can help to ease your stress and anxiety, making it easier for you to get to sleep. 

Have you noticed any health benefits from gardening? Let us know in the comments.

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