Five Ways Websites Can Help Promote Your Interior Design Company

Interior design is a huge creative and fun industry to be in. You can do anything from organization to design, to artistic wall painting, to even custom curtains. Anything to do within the interior of a home is fair game, and what it means to succeed in this industry is not just the ability to express yourself creatively, but to give people a home that they love.


It also tends to be highly competitive. Not that there is a lack of homes to work on, mind, but rather that there are few homeowners who would be willing to dish out for an interior designer rather than do it themselves. If you create items to be put in the home, from cushions to wall sconces, you might be exempt, but the fact of the matter remains that this is a highly competitive industry.  


You need to cut through your competition and increase your reputation and visibility in order to succeed, and for that, you will need a website:


  1. Gives You an Official Digital Platform

The internet and websites have become so pervasive throughout our society that not being online as a business is a huge red flag for consumers. You need to be online so that you can build trust with your clients and be found online.


People often like to do their own investigations online, even if they have met you in person beforehand. They will be looking for reviews, your portfolio, and other trust factors that will determine whether or not they will hire you.


  1. Showcases Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is going to be your greatest marketing tool, and you can easily have it all in a beautiful presentation online.


  1. Helps Build Reputation

Reviews, recommendations, and other articles about you and your company online will do two things. It will build up your reputation online and help with your search engine ranking. Boost your search engine ranking, and you will be far more visible online.  


  1. Helps Increase Visibility

To some, SEO might be dead, but in reality, the only part of it that is dead is the outdated spam tactics used in the past. This means a lot more manual work, but without knowing what Google is looking for, you still won’t be able to optimize your digital presence for the results you are hoping for. When you go into SEO, remember that localized efforts pay off a lot more than generic ones. This means you should try to rank well on searches like “interior design [location]” rather than just interior design. If your office shows up as one of the top results, then you will enjoy a huge amount of business.


  1. Can Sell Services and Products Directly to Customers  

Another way you can use your website to promote your company is by having your store online. If you sell items or services, this can be done with ease, so long as you have your BigCommerce platform set up and optimized. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry. You can hire professionals from Blackbelt Commerce to do the hard work for you so that you can instead enjoy a professional presence and increased sales.


Being online is a must in today’s society because everyone is online. You need to rank well, have a beautiful portfolio online, and even have a running online store to succeed.