Follow These Tips to Become the Ideal Bridesmaid

A Bridesmaid is Celebrated Throughout the Wedding Day


The ‘perfect’ bridesmaid always remembers that what's being celebrated is her best friend’s wedding. This is one of the most emotional days of your best friend's life, so your allegiance should not be taken lightly.

A dedicated bridesmaid is emotionally present to support the bride throughout the entire wedding day. Before, during and even after.

Being there for the bride does not only involve organizing and decorating but at times, also offering to be her wing-woman on non-wedding related tasks as well. 

Being present in a “Zen-type” of manner involves checking in with the bride and the maid-of-honor. Overcome wedding stress by being present for your friend. It's incredible how essential it is to provide a supportive ear with an understanding heart.

The “Big Three Wishes” the bride may not tell you, but, truly wants her bridemaids to know:

  1. Be reliable and available. Keep in mind that there may be unexpected changes to plans. Be flexible.

2. If requested, go dress and accessory shopping with the bride until she finds that perfect fabric, color, sparkle or sequined bridal gown. Yes, your support and advice is pivotal.

3. Present yourself with care. An A+ bridesmaid takes care of themselves before the big day. Your friend has most certainly invested months into making this the perfect day… so showing up in all your "bridesmaid glory" is not only anticipated but essential.


Tantalizing Tips to Become the Bride's “I Love Her” Bridesmaid

Want to pamper yourself á la the extra mile? Who doesn't?

Follow these beautifying steps…

  1. Invest in spa care services so your skin and hair are ready for professional makeup application on the big day.

  2. Attend a spa once a week, three weeks prior to the wedding, to achieve a glowing-complexion. Tip: Use milk and honey-based facial masks to maintain a balanced moisture and glow.

  3. To achieve a naturally-glowing look, use facial exfoliating masks by Farmhouse Fresh “One Fine Day” face exfoliator line. This select blend includes a blend of whole milk, white clay, and calming burdock root which are designed to soothe normal to dry skin. $26.

  4. Hydrate your lips with a lavender lip balm by Latika Body Essentials. $4.50

  5. To achieve a smooth body and enviable glow, use a lavender honey body scrub such as FHF Honey Lavender. $34 Then follow with a milk and honey body cream moisturizer by Latika body essentials scented with notes of fresh milk, warm oats, lavender, and sweet honey. $35.

  6. For that textured, wavy hair look that feels and smells like silk, use Sea Mist Lavender Spray by Herbivore. All ingredients feature therapeutic qualities. $20

  7. Follow with a lavender protective SPF moisturizer such as Naturopathica with micronized Zinc Oxide to help guard the skin against UVA/UVB damage. Turmeric root helps prevent sun spots while fragrant lavender calms irritation and soothes the senses. $58.

Photo shoot credits:

All jewelry handmade by Best in Style Boutique. For purchasing information visit

Purple sateen dress $106 

Floral hair accessories $11-$20                                                                                           

Model: Catherine Elizabeth Havird

Photography: LifeBox Photography

Styling by Dijana Fiorentino