Four of the Hottest Jackets to Drop in 2019

By John Fornander

Layering is a great way to make a look unique and complete. You can change up patterns, colors, shapes, and so much more. You can add dynamism to your look. One thing about layering, however – it’s not complete without a jacket. With layers, you can be fashionable and warm, but that outer coat is absolutely essential when it comes to pulling it off and helping you look incredibly stylish, creative, and unique.


Though you will want to stand out and let your own personal style shine through, the perfect jacket will likely not be the one that pops the most. Instead, it will be the one that compliments your wardrobe, which is why you should consider refreshing your closet with any of these top four jackets that have graced the catwalks this season:


The Raincoat


The raincoat is a classic. Also known as a topcoat, this style works well for both men and woman alike. It is such a classic that it can help anyone look great no matter their look. From those who wear jeans and a t-shirt, for those who wear dresses. Both genders look great in them, which is why it’s not a matter of, should you get a raincoat, but a matter of which raincoat shape do you want to take home?

You have single-buttoned raincoats, double-breasted trench coats, the mac trench coat, and so much more. You can opt for fitted or oversized, short or long.


Leather Trench or Long-Line Coat


Leather is set to be a huge trend in the A/W season of 2019, only instead of boxy cuts, it looks like we are heading back into the matrix-era of tailored design. This is a classic and, let’s admit it, an incredibly stylish look that we are more than excited to get back into circulation.


Western Classics


You can pick up retro coats and jackets galore, and you should because western classics are back and bigger than ever. From the traditional cowboy jacket to the tassels that were huge in the 70s, the western look is back and ready to be modernized with earlier era classics.


Utility Wear


Another retro favorite that is set to return is the utility wear genre. These coats boast multiple pockets, simple and yet stylish design, and can be paired with practically everything. Perfect for those laid back days or those moments when you want to head out into the wilderness and have pockets for everything that you need.

The best part is that utility wear is incredibly versatile in terms of design. There are varieties suitable for all seasons, from quilted utility jackets to denim.


As you can tell, the hottest jackets to drop in 2019 are not remixes or something entirely new. Experimentation is over, and the classics are returning. Find a retro seller or try to hunt for your perfect jacket second hand if you have the time, but make no mistake – these retro looks will help you look exceptionally fashion forward.