Get Your Skin Summer Ready

Proof for Skin for Summer Sun

Proof for Skin for Summer Sun

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With summer now here, people are showing extra skin. Get summer-ready by treating your skin for intense summer rays. Here are some tips on how to take great care of your skin that are easy, safe and effective.

Smooth and Sculpt Your Body

Dimpled or loose skin plagues many of us, and that certainly doesn’t help when it’s bikini season. Ashley Black’s Fascia Blaster ($89) can resolve these problems quickly. Fascia is a connective tissue that covers the body. Over time, it can become knotted and constrict the blood supply to the tissues, resulting in dimpled, saggy skin. There’s no need to worry. You can smooth these tangles with this nifty tool and not only eliminate cellulite, but also bring blood flow back to the skin, effectively increasing collagen and elastin formation. 

Rosemary Herbal Wash by Rhonda Allison

Banish Bacne

Congested skin is the last thing you want when you’re wearing swimsuits or strapless/backless clothing. If you’re acne prone, getting regular skin clearing treatments along with Blue LED Light Therapy is helpful at killing the p-acnes bacteria that causes acne. For home care, use a medicated cleanser with alpha hydroxy acids, such as the Rosemary Herbal Wash by Rhonda Allison ($34). This product increases cell turnover and removes excess oil, dirt and bacteria from the skin to keep it smooth and blemish-free.

Turapur Pitcher


With the heat of summer weather, it’s easy to get dehydrated due to excessive sweating. Staying hydrated is the secret to clear, healthy, radiant skin. It’s also the best remedy for dark circles. Your skin is made of 64% water and needs to be replenished in order to increase blood flow to maintain clarity, elasticity and plumpness. If you’re looking for the crème de la crème of anti-aging hydration, invest in an ionizing water purifying pitcher such as the Turapur Pitcher ($39) that infuses hydrogen molecules into your water to replenish and detoxify every cell in the body.