Giving Your Home A Summer Makeover: A Guide


Summer for many is the perfect time to think about revamping your home. With lighter evenings and pleasant temperatures, the summer months offer ample opportunity to invite friends round for dinner parties or BBQ’s in the sun, or have family and friends stay from afar over the summer break. This may be the perfect time, therefore, to consider any changes you need to make within the home, so you’re set to be the perfect host. Below are some top tips for preparing your home for a summer makeover.

Think about the color scheme

Giving-Your-Home-A-Summer-Makeover-A-GuideOne key aspect to re-designing or redecorating any home that can make or break the new look is the color scheme. The correct color palette isn’t something to be overlooked, as it will form the basis for many other decisions, including remaining furniture and feature choices. Visit hardware stores and pick up paint samples so that you can play around with several options, and seriously think about what you want to achieve from the space – do you want a relaxing living room, in which case opt for softer blues or greens, or a quirky, modern kitchen design, with a pop of orange? The color theme you pick will help create the look you’re looking for, so make sure you give it some serious consideration.


Bring the outside in

Another ideal tip to help create the perfect space to entertain on a balmy evening is by bringing the outside into your home. There is a myriad of options when it comes to picking the perfect houseplant. You may choose a plant that can help purify the air, or perhaps opt for a plant to bring a sense of serenity and calm into your home. Use levels such as windowsills and shelves to present your greenery, and you can even get creative with the arrangements and colors.

Update the kitchen

The summer usually calls for entertaining friends and family, so if you enjoy being the perfect host, you may want to update and remodel your kitchen and dining area before summer is in full swing. Look into kitchen and bath remodeling solutions, and ask for the guidance on what they can do with your space. Do you want to make your kitchen a more open plan, so that you can cook while talking to your guests? Or, perhaps you want to include a breakfast bar so you and your family can enjoy delicious brunch with one another.

Consider the outside space

Of course, one essential area of your house you should not overlook is your outdoor space. Ideally, you will be able to host evenings and parties and utilize however much or little outdoor space you have. The size of your backyard doesn’t matter, as there are many ways to think creatively and make the most of whatever space you have. You may want to invest in some new outdoor furniture, or spend some time creating a cozy seating area with the help of fairy lights, bunting and maybe even a fire pit. Just remember to work well with whatever space you’ve got, and you’ll soon have the perfect space for hosting and entertaining long into the night.