Glorious Dessert Shops In New York

Glorious Dessert Shops In New York City

Finding Some Of The Best Dessert Spots Throughout New York.


Have you ever wondered what spots take place at the top, most decadent, dessert places in New York? There are many places throughout the city that are up-and-coming, while others we have seen trending on social media. Some of these dessert shops have even made their way as household names in New York. Here is a list of every food-lovers dream desserts from New York City.


Coming from New York, there were places that we would always see walking through. Some took their shape and have evolved into a franchise, such as Sprinkles and Magnolia Bakery; both of which have become nationwide franchisees. Both are quite popular in New York, but as said there are many that are taking shape and creating their own crowd of individuals.


Charming Churros

The first shop, ChikaLicious Dessert Club, is known for their cone-shaped churros in which they pipe ice cream into. We have all seen their video run around social media and for quite some time now. But, they are just starting and running with their concept, and we all very well appreciate it, as man has known churros since any field game you have attended.

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The Ultimate Cannoli

Looking for an awesome Cannoli in the heart of New York City? Then Ferrara Bakery & Café is the place to be. Many of us travel to Little Italy on a constant basis and many whom enjoy cannolis or Italian food will travel to Little Italy just for so. Ferrara has been open in the late 1800s and still remains open with one of the best cannolis in the city, as well as, being named one of the most famous bakeries in the city area.

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A Croissant Dream

A croissant is more than just a French pastry, but it is one that many are traveling to the city for. Flavorful croissants that have been turned into something more as we know it. Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, and Matcha Croissants are today’s hottest pastry items in New York and also one that we have all seen crawl across social media for quite some time now. They are not your normal croissants but flavors that we all enjoy on a daily basis.


Specialty Cereal Bar

Kith is also up and coming in the dessert light. It is one of NYC’s finest cereal bar and café that just so happens to make their ice cream from flavorful milk. This café churns over 20 ice cream flavors in your favorite cereal milk from childhood. So if you are actively seeking a favorite dessert shop in the city, these are all of the many places you can discover on your adventure.  

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