Golfing for Kids in San Diego

Extra, Extra! Golfing for Kids 


San Diego is characterized as “America’s Finest City” thanks to its beaches, diverse population, variety of delicious cuisines, and most importantly its weather! It’s the typical beautiful, sunny weather in San Diego that makes golfing an even more enjoyable sport to play all year long.  What’s great about golfing is anyone can learn to play at any age! Both children and adults get to indulge in it, and whether people golf to relax, hang out with friends, conduct business meetings, or do it competitively, there is one commonality among them: having fun playing! There are tons of amazing golf courses located all around San Diego. Many of them offer kid programs, where they can learn to enjoy the sport as soon as possible. It’s important to note that these programs don’t require the young golfers to have any prior experience or even know the rules! Since the list of courses can be overwhelming the following are some that offer great youth programs.


It’s Time to Golf!

JC Golf

Starting off with JC Golf, this program has many courses located in various regions of San Diego County, making it very accessible to many locals and out-of-town visitors. The names of the golf courses are as follows: Encinitas Ranch, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Oaks North, Rancho Bernardo Inn, Reidy Creek, and Welk Resorts. Their children’s programs emphasize teaching the fundamentals such as the sports rules and golf swings. These programs include 7-day summer golf camps for juniors beginning in June, where they learn the basics of the sport with PGA Professionals. On another note, from September to November, JC Golf holds the Annual Fall JC Junior Tour where juniors compete to win free golf for one year. A little healthy competition isn’t such a bad idea. There is also the Oaks North Parent-Junior Golf League that takes place August through October, in which parent-junior teams compete for prizes and attend an awards banquet. Other great options include group lessons and junior tournaments. However, it could sometimes be a bit overwhelming when learning in a large group. To solve that JC Golf holds private lessons. All these programs are great to get the youth involved and finesse their skills!

San Diego Junior Club

Another great program to look into is the San Diego Junior Club at Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla, which offers a year-round program for kids interested in learning how to play, or whose parents want to introduce them to the sport. This golf program specifically aims for the youth ages from 7 to 17 years old. Sometimes programs place children into lessons where they’re already with advanced kids and it can be intimidating, however, this program in particular places students in certain groups based on their experience and skill level. The groups consist of beginner, S.N.A.G., and advanced. This allows them to grow and improve their skill level to the best of their ability.

Riverwalk Golf Club


Furthermore, the Riverwalk Golf Club located in Mission Valley offers the Medalist Junior Golf Program and day camps. In the Medalist Junior Golf Program, instructors work with junior golfers in different skill levels between the ages of 6 to 17. It teaches the golfing fundamentals and encourages the students to establish specific goals to improve their technique. In addition, this course has Nike Junior Golf Camps as well as full and half-day camps that teach those between the ages of 7 to 17. These camps work with whatever skill/technique level the student is at and focuses on the fundamentals of golf.

Loma Club

Last...but not least is the historic Loma Club located in Liberty Station! This golf course incorporates both outdoor  and indoor space making it even more interesting. All their programs teach the basics and rules of the sport. There are individual junior lessons and lesson series (6 lessons) for young golfers between the ages 5 to 13. Furthermore, the PGA Junior League Golf works with youth 16 years and under and encourages teamwork, because the students play in teams. Another bonus to this program is that PGA or LPGA Professionals are captains of these teams, so you’ll know your kid is getting the best and proper training!

In the end, all the kid programs offered in these wonderful San Diego golf courses is a win-win! This is because golf pushes the youth to learn a new sport, form a healthy sense of competition, build their social skills, and gain confidence. Golfing can be a bonding activity for the children and their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, the list goes on. Seeing the incredibly majestic views of beautiful San Diego from these golf courses doesn’t hurt either.