2018 Is A Good Time To Build Custom Homes


US home inventory in 2018 is low, down by an average of 11% with demand outstripping supply. Houses are selling faster by 14% (Washington Post). 2017 was a good year for the real estate industry and gains made last year are expected to continue. New home sales are projected to rise by 8% this year according to Realtor.com and NAR predicts prices to rise by 5.5%. With the shortage of housing inventory particularly starter houses, building custom & spec homes and decorating has never been so attractive. If you are planning to buy a house, investing in a made to order structure is an opportunity to build a dwelling that ticks all the boxes. From personalized dens to eco-friendly structures, there is a lot of leeway for future homeowners when building a house from scratch. Here are a few convincing reasons why custom abodes might just be what you are looking for.

Custom homes make a difference in daily life

There’s a reason why custom homes are getting popular than the standard run of the mill houses. Cookie cutter houses do not give you the flexibility to design your own abode and you are likely to settle for what is available in the market that somehow meets most of your needs and budget. With custom homes, you decide how much you are going to spend, how it will be built and what it will look like. For example, home builders in Southern California advise clients to go green not only to reduce carbon footprint but also save money through eco-friendly building techniques and use of sustainable materials. Well-insulated homes, double or triple glazed windows and solar panels save you the big bucks in the long run. Utility bills including electricity are one of the biggest expenditures in home maintenance. Adapting a future construction to your family’s needs is an advantage that you’ll get when opting for custom homes. Heck, you can even plan for your senior years when designing your own home. Features such as wide doors, ramps, and senior-friendly bathrooms are going to benefit you later in life or provide relief to aging parents or visitors.

Moving forward with smart homes and artificial intelligence

Technology is very much part of daily living and advances are happening by leaps and bounds. Affordability might be an issue with technology. However, as improvements and refinements take place, a lot of these technologies are accessible today. Integrating technology in custom homes matter not only for comfort but also convenience saving you precious time and money. A new construction can be pre-wired or ready for home automation. Imagine a house that can be controlled by your touch or voice from lighting and music to cooking and washing. Even security and surveillance are enhanced when you can check your home environment from your smartphone or computer in remote locations. Put on the heating, cool down your bedroom or start the pot roast, the possibilities are endless when you have a smart home that uses AI.  

Custom homes offer several benefits that not only make use of sustainable and environmentally-friendly building techniques and materials but also smart structures that are built on demand to offer comfort and convenience. More importantly, custom homes have different features that are not found in traditional homes. These differences alone can enhance the value of your property when it is time to sell.