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5 Ways to Live a Happier Life

While becoming happier might sound easier said than done, it doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Check out the 5 ways to live a happier life.
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KOPU Sparkling Water Launches in SoCal

KOPU Sparkling Water is sourced from ancient and precious aquifers thousands of feet below dormant volcanoes in the Bay of Plenty of New Zealand’s pristine East Coast.

Making Time in Your Life for You

There is a strong desire in most of these people to help, especially as the relatives are often parents or in-laws.

8 Rare but Serious Medical Conditions You Should Know About

Though rare, the following diseases are serious. Know your risks and how to spot any possible warning signs.

Top Professional Standing Desks

For some of the top standing desks currently on the market, check out our favorites below.

Yoga and Its Surprising Effects on Beauty

Yoga is about being authentic and honest, centered and grounded, on and off the mat.

In Good Standing: New Desks for Your Office

With opportunities for better blood circulation, a lower risk of heart disease and significantly improved posture, these desks have true benefits versus traditional models.
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A Breath of Fresh "Aire"

Enjoy a fun and stress-free workout with Aire Urban Fitness.

Keeping Fit During the Summer

As we approach the peak of the summer months and head into the second half of the year, many of us are once again thinking about our physical health.

Uncommon Workouts to Kickstart Your Summer

Check out these five ways to get out of the gym into an all new workout this summer.

A Bride's Best Body

Exercise might feel like the last thing you can fit into your schedule, but it can be the most important “to do” for a fabulous wedding day.

Weekend Recreation Has Many Benefits Including Your Mood

Regular excercise vs. intense weekend workouts may be a better, safer way to stay in shape.

Upcoming 5k, 10k Marathons in San Diego

The variety of 5K races in San Diego throughout the year cater to runners of all types of abilities, so there is a race for just about everyone.
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Protect Your Skin During Summer Adventures

Here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy, clear and protected while enjoying summer activities.

Beauty Company Vanity Planet

Not your average beauty company, Vanity Planet makes no apologies for their shameless focus on looking good.

Get Your Skin Summer Ready

Get summer-ready by treating your skin for intense summer rays. Here are some tips on how to take great care of your skin that are easy, safe and effective.

The Ultimate Guide to Pampering

It’s important to take a break every once in a while to enjoy a day of luxury. Check out our ultimate guide to pampering your body.

7 Travel-Size Products for Your Next Vacation

These travel-size staples need to be in your suitcase on your next vacation or romantic getaway.

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Combines Heath and Cosmetics

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center has all the solutions when it comes to building a lasting health, wellness and beauty plan.
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Field of Dreams: Surf Cup Sports Park

Del Mar is home to world-class destinations, like pristine, sandy beaches and the famed racetrack that draws thousands of people each year.

How to Eat Well When Camping

Food when camping does not have to be bland and boring. Here’s how to plan food fit for camping and your taste buds.

The Cathedral Catholic High School Boy's Lacrosse Team Does More Than Play Sports

For the Dons boys’ lacrosse team at Cathedral Catholic High School, there are just as many lessons to be learned off the field.

Weekend Recreation Has Many Benefits Including Your Mood

Regular excercise vs. intense weekend workouts may be a better, safer way to stay in shape.

The Pacific Crest Trail: An Unforgettable Journey

Cancel your plans this spring to go on an epic, life-changing journey through the most stunning wilderness in the western United States.

Must-Have Equestrian Apparel

The equestrian world is filled with tack and apparel made with exceptional quality. In the show ring, on the trail, out working or just in the arena schooling your horse, your attire needs to be comfortable and durable.