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Joining a Gym––What Should You Look For?

As the fitness industry grows, there are many standards that gyms have exceeded in order to compete with one another.

PHIVEbar Offers Unique Health Benefits

Instead of reaching for a processed bar, aim for something healthier, something that includes natural ingredients, like PHIVEbar.

Doctor D. Schwab of CA Botana International

​The Doctor D. Schwab line was spearheaded by a real-life physician named Dr. D. Schwab, a homeopathic doctor who created lavender oil extraction and wound healing during World War II.
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Top Places to Run in San Diego

Here are the top five running spots in San Diego that’ll make you ditch that sweaty treadmill at the gym and get running outside.

A Breath of Fresh "Aire"

Enjoy a fun and stress-free workout with Aire Urban Fitness.

Get Bikini Ready with Summer Right Around the Corner

Get a perfect bikini body by developing a workout routine right for you!
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Brilliant and Bold: Daring Looks Dominate 2017

The key looks this season are bold and expressive—from luscious lips to wild eyes, with dark or shimmery shadows and highlighted cheekbones, stand out with some of these striking new products.

Family-Owned Ohana Soaps Creates Healthy Skin

We interviewed co-owners Susan and Kasey Gresowski—the mother-son team behind Ohana Soaps—about their business, quality soaps and keeping your skin healthy.

3 Skincare Anti-Aging Ingredients

Here are five anti-aging ingredients which should feature in any skincare routine.
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Luxe List Holiday Sports and Tech Gift Picks 2016

In the spirit of easing and expediting your efforts, here are this year’s holiday gift picks starting as low as $20 in the tech and sport categories that can all be purchased lickety-split via a viable Internet connection.

Meet Travis Benjamin and Brandon Flowers of the San Diego Chargers

FINE magazine interviews Brandon Flowers and Travis Benjamin of the San Diego Chargers.

Modern (Camping) Conveniences

REI Signature Camping offers a luxury camping experience for all patrons.