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Weekend Recreation Has Many Benefits Including Your Mood

Regular excercise vs. intense weekend workouts may be a better, safer way to stay in shape.
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Weight Loss Isn’t Always Welcome – Here’s What You Need to Know

Unexplained weight loss is the loss of more than 5% of your body mass in six months. Here are five reasons why you or a loved one is losing weight.

Have Healthy Feet All Summer Long!

Get healthy feet all summer long with some of our San Diego healthy feet tips!

When Should You Start Taking Joint Support Supplements?

Studies have found that the sooner you improve your diet and/or supplement with nutrients that are proven to support joint health, the more likely it is that you'll be able to avoid painful problems like arthritis later in life.

8 Food Swaps That Will Change Your Eating Habits

Top tips for food swaps to make a healthier lifestyle.

3 Tips to Help You Regain Control of Your Anxiety

Patients suffering from anxiety often have a hard time gaining control over their fears and worries, and can even find it difficult to separate the rational from the irrational.

What to Consider When Holidaying with Your Vape

Since vaping, I have felt significantly better about my personal health. I am not as dependent on my pen as much as I was on my cigarettes, which makes me feel a lot more in control of my nicotine intake.
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A Bride's Best Body

Exercise might feel like the last thing you can fit into your schedule, but it can be the most important “to do” for a fabulous wedding day.

Weekend Recreation Has Many Benefits Including Your Mood

Regular excercise vs. intense weekend workouts may be a better, safer way to stay in shape.

Upcoming 5k, 10k Marathons in San Diego

The variety of 5K races in San Diego throughout the year cater to runners of all types of abilities, so there is a race for just about everyone.

Swimming, Cycling & Running: Which Outdoor Activity is Best for You?

Consistently voted one of the best cities in which to train for a triathlon, San Diego is a mecca for those considering dabbling in swimming, cycling or running.

Fitness Gear for 2017

Here are 10 items every woman needs for the ideal exercise routine.

6 Unconventional Fitness Trends in San Diego

Here are some of the top fitness trends in San Diego.
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Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Combines Heath and Cosmetics

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center has all the solutions when it comes to building a lasting health, wellness and beauty plan.

Have Smooth, Soft Skin No Matter How Far You Travel

Product-wise, here are a few things you can do to ensure your skin is protected during travel and keep it radiant during your destination stay.

New K-Beauty Trend Here to Stay

2017 is the year of gorgeous skin, and that’s why we had to look into this #Kbeauty trend. What’s all the hype about? Why is it such a topic of conversation?

Makeup Hygiene Tips

Un-hygienic makeup habits can transport nasty bacteria to our face or cause growth in the product itself, leading to breakouts and infections.

San Diego Bridal Beauty Photoshoot

Now we have a unique take on a bride's big day, with white couture and wedding-inspired beauty. Enjoy the boudoir beauty shots of this twisted photoshoot––who knows, maybe you'll find inspiration for your own big day!

The Bridal Emergency Box

Entrust your maid of honor with a Bridal Emergency Box brimming with the best beauty products around for any last-minute fix!
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How to Eat Well When Camping

Food when camping does not have to be bland and boring. Here’s how to plan food fit for camping and your taste buds.

The Cathedral Catholic High School Boy's Lacrosse Team Does More Than Play Sports

For the Dons boys’ lacrosse team at Cathedral Catholic High School, there are just as many lessons to be learned off the field.

Weekend Recreation Has Many Benefits Including Your Mood

Regular excercise vs. intense weekend workouts may be a better, safer way to stay in shape.

The Pacific Crest Trail: An Unforgettable Journey

Cancel your plans this spring to go on an epic, life-changing journey through the most stunning wilderness in the western United States.

Must-Have Equestrian Apparel

The equestrian world is filled with tack and apparel made with exceptional quality. In the show ring, on the trail, out working or just in the arena schooling your horse, your attire needs to be comfortable and durable.

Luxe List Holiday Sports and Tech Gift Picks 2016

In the spirit of easing and expediting your efforts, here are this year’s holiday gift picks starting as low as $20 in the tech and sport categories that can all be purchased lickety-split via a viable Internet connection.