Hip Wedding Trends for Hipsters and Everyone Else


​For decades, weddings were largely cookie-cutter affairs. People either had giant weddings in churches with grand receptions or smaller intimate affairs in backyards or fun destinations. But, then again, who wants a ceremony and reception that looks like everyone else’s wedding?

The latest wedding trend centers around choosing a hip and fresh wedding venue, which will wow your guests and create lasting memories during both the ceremony and reception.

Because of the uniqueness of this event, you'll undoubtedly want your wedding to stray from the ordinary and reflect your unique relationship. Let’s look at some of the coolest wedding trends and how you can add a hipster flair to your nuptials.

Unconventional Wedding Venues

First, pick out a venue that isn't tried and true but instead looks a bit whimsical or unconventional. Indeed, hipster weddings shouldn't be fussy, and the location should reflect that. Some hipster brides simply opt for a visit to the Justice of Peace and a big party afterward, while others get married in a barn or warehouse. In the case of the latter, it doesn’t mean the space is untidy, but it's certainly unconventional. There's usually a cocktail bar and food that is utterly different from most formal wedding receptions.

Unique Foods

Hipster weddings typically feature unique foods ⁠— and there truly is no choice that could be considered wrong. The idea is to offer something unexpected. For example, you could serve miniature versions of your favorite foods — think sliders and grilled cheese skewers — or giant versions of well-known foods, like a big chicken nugget or a giant cupcake. Other hip wedding foods trends include doughnut walls, artisan pickles and kimchi.

DIY Details

Today’s hip weddings go out of their way to avoid commercialism. The wedding dress looks like nothing that's sold in a traditional bridal shop, while the veil is often homemade and the flowers look like they were handpicked. The centerpieces are just as whimsical, featuring tea lights, mason jars filled with daisies and accessories for selfies, like paper mustaches on sticks and other cardboard props. Blackboards for seating charts and other messages for the wedding guests are popular choices, too.

Burlap, Bunting, and Twinkle Lights

Another hallmark of a hipster wedding is the decorations. Forget tulle and ribbons ⁠— today’s hip weddings use burlap instead of the candy-colored satins of traditional weddings. Burlap serves as table runners, wall hangings and ribbons. Bunting is also popular, as it adds a vintage vibe and acts as a fun way to highlight areas of focus in the venue, like the buffet station, gift table or activities. Finally, don’t forget twinkle lights. Whether you choose café-style lights or the classic white fairy lights seen around the holidays, these strings of lights add an important (and fun) touch.

Fun Activities

Hip weddings also have a playful side. This often means including childish activities like bounce houses, stations where guests can write messages to the happy couple or selfie stations. These trends make the wedding more interactive and are key to giving the wedding a hip feel.

Tech Forward and Paper-Free

The hippest weddings are also tech-friendly. When it comes to invites and thank you notes, most of it is entirely paper-free. Creating your own wedding website is also a popular choice amongst hipsters and millennials in general. They give you a chance to share details about the festivities as well as your life as a couple to all your guests and serve as a single point of reference for sharing photos and videos after the big day.

The hippest weddings have a unique flair that is nothing short of authentic. The bride and groom try to look like their normal selves as much as possible and they serve the foods they like best. Hip weddings are also tech-forward and DIY as much as possible. It may mean a few cases of mason jars and bolts of burlap, but the result is a low-key, fun wedding that you and your guests will remember for years to come.