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Coava Coffee Roasters

Portland’s celebrated Coava Coffee Roasters Branches out to San Diego

400 W Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101


Coava, defined as unroasted, “green” coffee beans, has emerged in downtown San Diego at West Broadway. This brand-new location has heightened San Diego’s coffee scene with a collection of quality coffee and tea drinks in a wood-inspired, lively space. They serve two selections of single origin coffee for both espresso drinks and pour over. You will be asked to choose between the two depending on your taste preference.Coffee Shop in San Diego  


The founder, Matt Higgins’ philosophy is to produce the highest quality single-origin coffee out of coava beans. His hard work in studying agriculture has allowed him to build a long-term, sustainable partnership with the farmers. This close relationship between Coava and the coffee producers is evident in their packaging of whole bean coffee. They design their coffee beans based on a specific coffee farmer, honoring those who have demonstrated their commitment in farming quality beans. The most current one of Kenya coffee beans is named after Mr. David Mburu Mwangi in Kiambu East District. Inside each bag of coffee, there is a card with a picture and information dedicated to the specific farmer.  

AJ Wilson, a manager of Coava Coffee in San Diego location, has been working with the Coava company in Portland for four years and recently moved to San Diego with the opening of this new location. According to Wilson, Coava is “a small, but rapidly growing company” with three different locations in Portland and the first San Diego location. Their coffee beans are roasted in a big roasting facility in Portland and are constantly rotating in order to maintain fresh beans. Wilson is excited to be a part of San Diego’s coffee community: “I love how everyone is so passionate about it.”

Another unique part of this company is their latest coffee equipment such as the permanent, stainless steel filter they use for making pour-over coffee. This customized filter has been scientifically designed for well-balanced and the best tasting coffee. Alongside the basic drinks, they make distinctive mochas and flavored lattes based on house made vanilla syrup as well as Bee Local honey and Cocanú chocolate syrup from Portland. Wilson believes that there’s always a possibility of opening another location; but, they are planning to focus on this brand new location for now. Love coffee? This artisan coffee spot is ready to bring out the best aspects of your coffee.