House Makeover: Tips & Advices

House Makeover: Tips & Advices


Are you bored with your home and feel like it should be upgraded but don’t want to get a new house? This is a perfect chance for a house makeover! Makeovers, whether they are complete or partial, add excitement to your home as well as a sense of newness. Read on below for tips and tricks to give your home the ultimate makeover!


Intense / Complete Makeover:

An intense or complete makeover takes over all aspects of the house. If need be, it even includes the plumbing and electricity of the house. It ranges from the furniture to the tiles, and even to the smallest corner plant.

  1. Consider your budget and schedule

If this is the type of makeover you are seeking, then be prepared to spend a large sum of money. Giving your house a complete makeover will take time and energy that you should be willing to have. The first thing you have to do is to consider your budget, will it allow for such expenses to be made or not? The second question you must ask yourself is whether or not you have the time for such a makeover. These makeovers can take months, and there probably will be construction workers going in and out of your home at random times. Try not to underestimate how much energy this will need, nor how much of your input will be needed. After all, the people working in your home may not have the same vision as yours, so having someone present to overlook the work is essential.

  1. Be Creative

Be creative with your home’s makeover. Before you start renovating, plan how you want your house to look like and what you want to go where. The idea here is to create a new look for your home in a way that makes it exciting and refreshing, this way it will continue to be interesting and impressive for the years to come. For this to happen, you should look at pictures online for ideas, consult those around you as well as professionals, and look at how different colors change moods and stand the test of time. For example, if you paint your living room bright blue, it may look nice for two, even three years, but in 10 years it might not look as interesting. Studies show that colors that are calmer, like pastels, allow you to do more with the room and never go out of style.

  1. Use mirrors and classic tiles

House Makeover: Tips & Advices


If you want to make your house look more spacious, then choosing the right look for your walls is essential. Besides the color, you can use different shaped mirrors and textured tiles. You can place three or four different shapes of mirrors in your living room, and cool textured tiles in the kitchen or bathrooms. Tiles provided by Atlas Ceramics, such as the brick blue, are great for a bathroom as they are slightly reflective and can have the same effect of a mirror – ergo, a bigger looking bathroom.

  1. Focus on the space

Always focus on the space you have. Let’s say you walk into a furniture store and find a really chic and comfortable couch, but you have not measured the space in your home accurately. You purchase the couch and go home, only to find out later that the couch was either too big or too small. In either case, it defeats the look of your room; a big couch will take up all the space, and a small couch will be awkward and seem misplaced. Measure the room accurately and add little bits and pieces of other furniture here and there to make it a more comfortable and habitable area.

  1. Use plants

House Makeover: Tips & Advices


Plants are a great way to fill up a space and make it look very cozy. There are loads of benefits of having plants in a home; greenery makes you feel more peaceful and brightens up your place, and taking care of plants is a great hobby. This hobby teaches you patience and you get to watch a plant grow before your eyes.


  1. Ask a professional

When all else fails, ask a professional, like an interior decorator, to help you place your furniture and accessories.


Casual Budget-Friendly Makeover:

If you are looking for a budget-friendly makeover, there are still a few ways you can liven up the look of your house without breaking the bank.

  1. Shop at thrift and vintage stores

House Makeover: Tips & Advices


Almost all neighborhoods have a local thrift / vintage store. These stores either collect second-hand items or items that are almost historic. They have extremely unique pieces that can really transform your room at a low cost.

  1. Turn it into a DIY project

If you have the time and feel like working with your hands, you can turn the makeover into a DIY project. You can create or install your own furniture, tables, or shelves.

  1. Accent walls

Sometimes painting all your home’s walls can be costly and time-consuming, so opting for an accent wall can be more convenient. An accent wall is one wall out of the four in a room that is a different color. Say for example you have a room that is completely white but want to shake it up a little. In this case, you can choose a wall and paint it your favorite color, making it the focal point in that room.

  1. Shelving creativity

House Makeover: Tips & Advices


With smaller rooms, you might run into the problem of running out of space for your things. This is when the magic of shelves comes in. Creatively placed shelves for books or ornaments can take up more things than tables, and will change the look of the room immensely.

  1. Choose the right lighting

You may not consider this right away, but choosing the right lighting is very important. Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office and found warm lighting? Probably not. That is because white lighting is used in more professional realms whereas warm lighting, as named, creates a sense of warmth and coziness.


Change it up

Whether your budget and schedule allow for a huge makeover or not, every once in a while, try to change a small detail in your home. This way, you will never get bored nor tired and you will be able to modify the look of it without feeling as though you are in a stranger’s house.