How Empty Nesters Can Transform Kids’ Former Bedrooms into Useable Space


As a recent empty nester, it’s quite common to walk around your home and feel as though it’s bigger and quieter than ever before. It can be hard to remember back to that time before you had kids and it was just an adult space. So rather than lament and feel sad about the kids moving out, why not embrace your newly empty nest status and transform your kids’ former bedrooms into more useable space for you? It’s all about looking at your home with fresh eyes and creating those areas you always dreamed of having but didn’t have enough room.

Here’s a look at some different ways you can transform their rooms and how you can use them going forward.

Create the Home Office of Your Dreams

If you’ve been used to having your computer crammed in a corner of a room, in the basement, or perhaps even your own bedroom, it’s time to spread out and create that home office of your dreams. Converting a bedroom into a home office is one of the most common things homeowners do. Because the bedroom has a door, it offers the privacy you need in a home office setting.

Key features you’ll need in your office include a desk and chair (preferably a setup that encourages proper ergonomics), a computer, task lighting, storage, and maybe a couple of extra chairs for guests.

As for décor, you don’t have to completely redecorate to personalize the space. Why not put together some photo collages and have them framed? You could also hang any certificates or licenses relating to your business to give your office that professional edge.  Look online for certificate frames that work with the décor in the room.

What About a Home Gym or Yoga Studio?

With the emphasis on healthy living as of late, people are becoming more and more aware of what they are doing in their life to promote their own health and well-being. Besides making healthy food choices, it’s also important to incorporate some sort of regular physical activity into each day. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to join the gym or take up running or cycling around the neighborhood, though.

This is when a home gym can make sense. Now maybe the traditional "gym" isn't your cup of tea, in which case a yoga studio may make better use of the bedroom. Either way, there are some key ingredients to include.

For a home gym, there’s no need to purchase a ton of expensive, state-of-the-art machines. Instead, a couple of staple pieces like a treadmill, a plate and barbell set, and a bench may be all you need to focus on cardio and strength training. You may even want to check out local tag sales or online marketplace groups to save money on exercise equipment.

As for the yoga studio, you really don’t need anything other than a mat, but you can make the room more comfortable. To ensure there’s good airflow, an overhead fan may be necessary. Your yoga mat should be placed in the center of the room to allow for adequate space when stretching, and you may want to create ambience with candles, soft lighting, and music.

The Ideal Crafting Space in the House

Are you the type who enjoys crafting, sewing, and DIY projects? If so, then you've probably got all kinds of materials stored around the house but no designated area to work and create with them. A spare bedroom can be the perfect crafting studio for you. In this space, there should be an emphasis on storage and organization, excellent lighting, and a large flat working station. Before long, your crafting studio could easily become your favorite room in the entire house.

What About Your Own Home Library?

For those who consider themselves bookworms, imagine being able to have your own private library in your home! Envision a space where you can escape to read, feel comfortable, and have access to all your favorite titles. That’s exactly what that spare bedroom can become.

When putting together a home library, you can use every wall in the room for shelving, which will give you a massive amount of storage space. You can then organize your books and magazines the way you see fit. The library should also feature overhead and task lighting and a few comfy seating areas that are perfect for curling up with blankets, throw pillows, and a good book. You may even want to install a small fridge and coffee maker so that you have access to snacks and beverages.

Making the Absolute Best Use of the Space

While there will definitely be a period of sadness when the kids first move out, try to accentuate the positive and see the potential in your empty nest. Now that you have the whole house to yourself, you can feel free to paint it, decorate it, furnish it, and transform it however you’d like.