How Love Keeps You Healthy


At first glance, it may seem that there are infinitely many emotions. However, in fact, there are only two varieties: fear and love. Love comes in our lives in many forms: romantic love, parents’ love, the friendly form of love, and so on. Many people find it difficult to find love in the turmoil and impersonality of the city (but it is quite easy to do on For someone, love is a painful memory. But there is a bright love that gives new lives and opening hearts, brings its colors to our existence every day, and gives us a feeling of quiet tenderness and joy.  

The presence of love gives rise to a sense of inner tranquility that helps us become silent witnesses of our thoughts, manifestations of emotions and our behavior. Love brings stability and predictability to life, soothes fears. When we love ourselves for who we are, we feel strength, confidence, self-sufficiency, and flexibility that allow us to flow with life in a single stream. The mind is open and receptive to new ideas; thoughts sent to space attract new opportunities and a different quality of relations. Love generates all positive emotions, but most importantly – love gives optimism and magnificent health.

Scientists from Great Britain explained how love affects the human brain and body. According to experts, falling in love stimulates chemical processes in the human brain, which subsequently cause a full range of all positive emotions from joy to passion. But experts have determined that love stems not only in our head but in the whole body. For example, many know the state of “butterflies in the stomach” or “the heart goes away” if we are talking about the anticipation of meeting with a loved one. This is love.

Influence of love on health

So what is the positive impact of the feeling of love on the human body?

Love is a cure for every ill

According to the research of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people in love are healthier in almost all possible areas. They are more active, more successful, less likely to smoke and drink, less suffer from large and small ailments and diseases. The research team claims that love has a strong effect and is a common means of reducing and preventing stress. Helping people cope with stress in all aspects of existence, love acts as a powerful means of maintaining a healthy and satisfying life.

Happiness is inevitable

Love makes people feel needed and protected. When you are in love, you are happier, which is reflected in both physical and emotional health. When we are in love, certain chemical processes take place that affect how we feel. When we are next to a loved one, the body produces hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine, which sends out signals of a sense of trust, pleasure, and gratitude.

The influence of love on appearance

The effect of love is reflected in our appearance. Hair, skin, and nails become more beautiful due to the increase in estrogen (female sex hormones) in the body. In addition, love makes us look younger, endorphins increase the flow of blood to the skin, keeping it soft and reducing wrinkles. And since the level of stress is lower, there is less cortisol in the body. Hence, we have less acne and other inflammations on the skin.

Again 18!

Love gives us a sense of vitality, which increases due to melatonin (natural substances) and it prevents premature aging. This explains why you feel the best when you are in love, your self-esteem rises, and a lot of energy appears.

Healthy heart

Everything that happens in the brain is reflected in our heart. A sense of euphoria and happiness benefits the heart contractions. The study found that people’s blood pressure was lower when they were with their loved partners than when they interacted with anyone else. The heart rhythm was steadier in the presence of a loved one. Scientists suggest that this is because the romantic partners feel comfortable with each other. Whatever it is, a consistent heart rate is important not only for emotional and physical health but for general well-being. When the heartbeat is unstable, it has numerous negative consequences for the health of the nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal, and immune systems.

Love increases self-esteem

Love affects our self-esteem. The effect of love is expressed in increasing self-esteem, you feel loved, respected, valued, and you also begin to appreciate and feel more confident.

Strengthens the immune system

The release of endorphins, which occurs when you are in love, strengthens the immune system, immunity, helps prevent illness and promotes rapid recovery in case of health problems. It also prevents mental health problems, for example, depression.

Painful effect of love

Love acts as a natural painkiller because when you are in love, dopamine is activated in the brain, which helps alleviate the pain.

Development of mind and ingenuity

Love develops creativity and ingenuity, promotes the assimilation of a large amount of information, and enhances creative and analytical thinking. Love activates the brain areas responsible for attention, motivation, and memory and serves as the controller of the autonomic nervous system. In other words, it increases our productivity and stress resistance.

The feeling of love gives both men and women an incredible rush of power and energy

It is very important that both a woman and a man feel comfortable in a romantic relationship psychologically and physically. It is interesting that feeling of love affects the weight of a woman. As it turns out, it largely depends on her relationship with a man. According to observations of scientists, most women lose weight in the first phase of romance. But when a relationship is already more or less stable, a lady begins to gain weight. For example, during courtship, a woman can lose up to 2 kg. And as soon as a relationship grows into stable, a woman gains about 4 kg. Before a wedding, girls usually lose about 3 kg, and pregnancy and childbirth inevitably add extra 7 kg in most cases.