How To Design A Lavish Bedroom


Designing any space in your house takes time, thought and a whole lot of dedication. And if that space is your personal room, the entire process becomes even more demanding. After all, you end up spending a third of your life in your bedroom. 


Giving your room a luxe look can be heavy on the pocket, so you need to strategically analyze the space you are working with, and believe that the principle “less is more” really does define luxury at its best. This means that you don’t have to fill your room with expensive pieces to make it luxurious, instead, you have to unite functionality and style in a way that exudes sophistication and lavishness in their own right. 


Start off by deciding on a general theme before you decorate your room. You can choose mid-century modern, rustic or even traditional Victorian – just remember to stick to it so that all the pieces in your room flow seamlessly rather than looking like mismatched items at a furniture and decor store. 


Secondly, choose a color palette. It is preferable to opt for a maximum of two solid colors and add complementary shades of the same hue when decorating. We would recommend sticking to lighter colors for a cool, toned down luxurious feel. Opt for whites, taupe, light grey, lavender, soft blues, mild greens, dull rust and light shades of gorgeous browns. If you’re into dark shades, avoid primary colors, and pick dark grey or navy for a lavish look. 


Thirdly, declutter your room. Create storage space so that your personal belongings are not on display. Remember, everything needs to be neatly tucked away in the drawers or placed in the closet shelves. This will add a soft look to your room and make it easier to clean as well.  


Below we have highlighted some of the best tips to help you design the ultimate lavish bedroom of your dreams!

Your Bed and Mattress 

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, and this is why investing in a top-quality bed and the best mattress should be your top priority. 


Depending on your personal preference, you may opt for a platform bed, sleigh beds, panel bed, a four-poster bed, a contemporary or traditional canopy bed, or a completely modern style bed with metallic accents. Make sure that the style, make and material is in line with the bedroom theme to avoid stark contrasts. 


The next part is choosing a mattress, which largely depends on what kind of sleeper you are. Do your research and get one that addresses all your medical or personal concerns. 


Chose a bedside table that complements the style of the bed. And avoid cluttering it with clocks, candles, and other items. You want to keep your surroundings simple and elegant. 


Our suggestion would be to get a king-size bed when decorating a lavish room as it looks regal and grand. 

Pieces of Complementary Furniture 

When designing a lavish room, you need to have a minimalist approach so that the few pieces in the room make a statement. So be purposeful with your choices and make sure that each individual piece is tasteful. 


Start by choosing a beautiful bedroom bench such as an ottoman dressed in a rich fabric like velvet. Always dress the bedroom bench in a solid color to avoid drawing attention away from the bed. 


Next, create a small seating area, either with a couple of chairs or a sofa. This could also work as your reading area. Opt for a chaise lounge, an accent chair like a bouck wingback chair, a chesterfield chair or a classic wing chair by the windows. Sofa options such as the Belgian roll arm sofa, round back sofa or a tuxedo tufted sofa are wonderfully luxurious pieces that feel comfortable and look great.


Pair your chair or sofa with an elegant side table or end table that is modern, vintage or antique depending on your room. Marble or glass tops are a classy addition, so choose what resonates with your individual choice and your bedroom theme. You can also splash a little on an intricately crafted maple or oak wood antique table.


For the fabric of the sofa, we would suggest to opt for solid colors and spruce it up with luxurious plump cushions with different patterns and designs to add texture in the seating area. Again, don’t go overboard, and choose something that naturally flows with the color of the sofa or chair. Add a faux fur or cashmere throw in an alternate color to finish off the look. 

Dress Your Walls and Floor


You can create an impact by choosing a beautifully gilded mirror above your dresser or a modern glass framed mirror above your bed frame. 


Hang your favorite art pieces, we suggest not more than two, under overhead painting light. For this, choose a wall that doesn’t have any upholstery against it in order to break away from the noise and highlight the art. 


For your floors, you can either opt for a rich floor carpeting or take our suggestion and show off your hardwood floors. Make them pop by adorning the floor with a silk carpet, cowhide rug or a Persian carpet. Nothing speaks opulence more than an expensive, vintage carpet. Place one under your bed, one under your sofa or chair and a third in the entrance to the closet area. 

Light It Up  

Choosing the right bedroom lighting will make or break the entire look for your lavish bedroom. Ditch the overhead lights and add layered lighting for a warmer look.


Start with placing lamps on your bedside tables. Go for oversized lampshades and dress them in unique patterns to make a statement. For the ultimate mark of grandeur, splash on an ornate crystal chandelier for the center of the room. 


Additionally, install wall sconces, pendant lighting and recessed lighting for a cool, luxurious feel. 


If you have a large window, make use of that natural light during the day. Go for floor length organza drapes with velvet blinds in a light, solid color for a subtle yet grand look.  

Attention To Details 

If there is one piece of advice we can give you, it's that a luxury room is all about the details. From the crown molding to the fabric you choose for your upholstery, the devil is always in the details.


Door knobs, light switches, and curtain rods should be handpicked by you. Your bed sheets should be silk or Egyptian cotton with a high thread count for a comfortable night’s sleep. Always avoid floral or patterned bedsheets and go with light solid colors. And adorn your bed with pillows of various sizes and fabrics of different textures for a quarter of the bed length. 


Always place a few scented candles around the room. Add personal touches by placing photo frames, any personal favorite pieces or even a crystal ashtray. Just remember, don’t overdo it. A singular piece on a table will make more of an impact than a clutter of multiple items.


Lastly, add indoor plants to allow for a clean, fresh and polished look. Potted plants or flowers in a beautiful vase will add the perfect touch to your lavish bedroom.