How To Remove Various Dreaded Carpet Stains


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Carpets aren’t simple decorations for home, they have had a very practical role for over thousands of years. 8000 years ago, it was found that humans used goat and sheep’s wool to create rugs or floor coverings. Back then, they weren’t made to be beautiful and add some color and texture onto ceramic or granite. They were used as a means to preserve heat, and make the floor more comfortable to walk or sleep on. The earliest knotted rug or carpet discovered is about 2500 years old.

Over time, with the industrialization and technological progresses, the carpet industry is now blooming. Carpets have become an integral part of the modern home, a house or an apartment with no carpets is basically naked. With all the extra sophistication and available options, the variety of carpets now ensures that every single human on this planet will probably find a carpet that they like. The problem with carpets isn’t exactly choosing the right one, that is the fun part, the real problem is with dealing with stains and making sure it’s maintained. There are some carpet stains that are notorious for their stubbornness while being removed. These stains are a nightmare, they can ruin a light-colored carpet that is worth thousands of dollars, a little wine stains, for example is one of the most common carpet destroyers.

Removing stains from carpet is almost an art, it has to be done right, otherwise it will look like a complete and ugly failure. Removing a stain with the wrong way can actually cause it to become a permanent one and even increase its surface area. We’ll be providing you with the most efficient methods that can be used to remove the most troublesome of stains.

First Things First

There are a few steps that need to be taken which apply in the removal of most fresh stains. You should keep in mind that time is a very important factor when dealing with stains; the faster you remove it while fresh, the easier it’s going to be. Once you see a blemish, off-colored, or a  wet spot on your carpet you should take action immediately. Now, not all stains come from liquids being poured, sometimes a physical object can cause stains. When you see any physical debris be careful while removing it, if you use the wrong way to remove it, it may cause even more stains and make them harder to come off. Use a fork or any object that can accurately help you pick it up without causing it to roll around on your carpet. Apply as least pressure as possible or else you’d be creating more problems than you’re solving. You can use paper towels or any fabric that isn’t colored to apply some gentle pressure while dabbing the stained spot. This process is extremely important so give it as much time as it needs. After this basic treatment, you should apply a stain-remover, just make sure you have a quality product before applying it and then rinse with cold water.

Red Wine Stains

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It would be safe to say that red wine stains are amongst the most hated stains on a carpet. Most people believe that it’s the mark of death of a carpet once they see a red wine stain; rest assured, nothing is impossible, it can be removed. When dealing with a light-colored carpet with a red wine stain on it, you need to be very careful as to not spread the red stain color over your carpet while removing it, or it could potentially ruin the carpet. No one thinks it’s going to happen to them until it does, before you start asking yourself what are the odds, take a few quick steps. Dampen a cloth or a paper towel and try to diligently remove as much as spilled wine as possible by blotting it, the rest of it should be diluted using the cloth and cool water. A common mistake people make is not testing or know the carpet’s colorfastness; try testing on a hidden spot and try the stain remover of choice, if the colors are still ok after a couple of minutes, you should proceed with using the stain remover. Apply enough stain remover to create a layer above the stain and rinse it with another wet and cold cloth.

Cat and Dog Urine Stains

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We all love our pets, but that doesn’t always mean that they’ll actually urinate where we want them to urinate. The problem with urine stains is that they smell quite nasty if left untreated, always use equipment and stain-removers specifically designed to treat such stains. It’s highly advised against using a steam cleaner to treat urine stains, the heat output is so powerful that it can actually cause the stain and smell to settle deeper. You can also use a wet vacuum and then use cold water to rinse thoroughly more than once.


Hiring the Professionals

The true defeat is never admitting defeat, if the stain is still unremovable after trying out most combinations, then it’s advisable to hire a company that specializes in removing hard stains. If you live in the US for example, and you’re moving to Ohio, you should look for a company that specializes in carpet cleaning near Cleveland OH to take care of the job for you, and it doesn’t hurt to inquire with the locals whether they use eco-friendly products and have years of experience. Always take your time when choosing a professional carpet cleaning because you are entrusting your carpet’s life to them.


You can see a stain on your carpet and think to yourself “oh, I’ll just remove it later”, this can basically mean a death sentence to your carpet. Carpets may require fast-aid to keep going strong, so you should stay on the lookout for fresh stains. There is no such thing as an unremovable stain, any stain can be removed. Keeping your carpet clean doesn’t have to be a full-time job, you can always use the services of professionals to take care of monthly or bi-weekly carpet maintenance. Stain removing equipment and solutions aren’t really expensive if you specifically know what you’re looking for, it’s better to pay a few extra bucks to get the right solution instead of wasting your money on the wrong one.