How Women Can Stay Safe Keeping Up With The Right-Hand Diamond Ring Trend





Take a peek inside your jewelry box to see if anything is missing. If you’re single, it’s likely you won’t have a diamond ring. You don’t have to be engaged or married to own one. Just ask thousands of women living all around the globe.


Right-hand diamond rings are an extremely hot trend at the moment if you want to stand out. If you’re not afraid of a little bling you should get one. You’ve got to be careful when shopping online, but we’re going to discuss how you can stay safe.

Don’t Stray Away from Popular Jewelry Sites

If a jewelry site has a good reputation it means it’s got thousands of happy customers. You can’t trust diamond websites if they don’t have a good track record. It’s a shame because they might be perfectly legitimate.


Unfortunately, it’s unlikely they’ve processed a huge amount of orders. If you have your card details to big brands you know you’ll be protected. You won’t wake up one day to realize all your money is gone.

Focus All Your Attention Towards the Diamond

I’m sure you’ll want the entire ring to look good, which will include things like the band and setting. It’s the diamond that costs a lot of money, so it’s where all your attention should be focused.




At some point, you’ll have to educate yourself in the 4Cs. Learn everything you can about the color, clarity, cut, and carat of diamonds. It will help you work out whether or not you’re getting a good deal.

You’ll Want An Independent Grading Report

Unless you’re a diamond expert there is no way you’ll know what you are buying. Anyone with a little common sense will know the difference between rocks on either end of the spectrum. It’s the little nuances you won’t spot.


If you want a company to live up to their end of the bargain their diamonds should be tested by an independent company. You’ll then by given a grading report confirming the quality of your diamond.

The Grading Report Will Need to Be Verified

The website you’re buying a diamond from is telling you how good it is, plus you’ve got an independent company helping too. You’ll need to go even further because diamonds don’t exactly come cheap.


Reach out to the Gemological Institute of America to verify the results. The exact body you’ll need to contact will depend on where you’re from. For example, there is a Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia.

Keep Looking for the Best Deals Available

Would you like to save up to 50 percent when buying your diamond? The reason online stores can offer these huge discounts is because they don’t have many overhead costs. They also want to crush their competitors.


Even if you find a great deal online you shouldn’t get carried away. It might be more expensive in a traditional store, but are there any better deals online? Shop around a few places before pulling the trigger.

It Still Needs to Arrive at Your House

You can do everything right when you’re ordering a diamond, but it will still need to arrive at your front door. Experts will give you good tips when ordering jewelry. When buying a diamond you need to step it up a notch.


Make sure you have the best insurance possible and you’ll be fine until it’s in your hands. Also, you should be the only one allowed to sign for it. This is one item you don’t want delivered to your neighbors.

You’ll End up with the Diamond You Deserve

Don’t jump on this latest jewelry trend unless you follow these tips. Do it right and you’ll end up with a legitimate diamond at an affordable price. The hard part will be looking after it once it’s on your finger.