How a Few Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact Inside Your Home


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When you think about interior design, you might envision the professionals involved with the work removing walls to create that coveted open concept everyone seems to want these days, as well as bringing in all new furniture, fancy upgraded flooring and windows.

And while you can certainly see and become inspired by some of the projects showcased on popular TV home improvement shows, here’s some good news: You don’t have to make major changes like these throughout your home to create a noticeable impact. That's because interior designers are adept at making a strong impression with relatively few details — and you can learn to do the same.

For inspiration on how to make a big impact with small changes, consider the following ideas:

Update the Curtains

It's no secret curtains and other window coverings can change the look of an entire room. Do you have neutral toned drapes or wood mini blinds in some of the rooms of your home? Then you can certainly switch them out with colorful or patterned curtains.

Likewise, if one or more of your rooms contain large windows, consider choosing sheer curtains in lighter hues to really lighten up the space. You can also create the illusion of a larger room with your window coverings. Overall, if you hang these coverings wider and higher than the window, it will help the space look bigger.

Add an Eye-Catching Rug

A well-placed accent rug is also an effective way to make a noticeable impact on a room.

For instance, if you have a great room with sliding doors that jut out to the patio and relatively plain walls and tan furniture, a colorful indoor/outdoor rug will add a splash of color to this space. Plus, it will also help to catch dirt and debris on peoples’ shoes as they head back inside.

This Santorini indoor/outdoor rug from Jerome’s Furniture features a bold and colorful pattern that would look great on virtually any floor in a home. It's made from 100 percent washable polypropylene, so if and when it needs to be freshened up, you can wash it yourself or take it to a local dry cleaner.

Focus on One Wall

Another effective way to make a major impact with a relatively small change is to paint an accent wall in one of your rooms. This pop of color will automatically catch the eye and make the room zing with minimal cost and labor.

When choosing which wall to paint vivid red, ocean blue or sunshine yellow, try to go with one that will highlight the room’s inherent focal point. For instance, in your living room, this could be the wall that includes the fireplace and mantel, or in your family room, it could be the area around the bay window.

Upgrade Your Hardware and Cabinet Pulls

If your kitchen cabinet hardware is ancient and/or is lacking in style, you can definitely change it up for something much more modern and attractive.

For example, new pulls on the cabinets and drawers can make a big aesthetic difference. Not sure where to start for inspiration? Brass is making a major comeback, and plain black will also look nice, especially in the white and gray kitchens that are currently in vogue.

Little Details Really Do Add Up to Something Huge

It must be reassuring to know you don’t have to bring in a contractor to break down a wall, rip up your existing flooring, and make other major changes to your home’s interior to make an aesthetic difference.

By focusing on smaller design changes, you can save time, money and stress and still end up with a home that looks amazing.