How are the e-cigarette companies helping people to quit smoking cigarettes?


Although the federal regulators haven’t approved vaping to be an aid for smoking cessation, it is nevertheless marketed by several companies as the life-saving tool for the smokers who have been trying hard to quit. If you check out the testimonials from the people who have successfully made the switch from smoking to vaping are usually charged emotionally. There are many who claim that if it weren't for vaping, they could have died of smoking. Now they enjoy a longer life filled with love and care.

Before you get intrigued by the benefits offered by electronic cigarettes and you hurry up to book one for yourself from online trusted sites like, you should know how a smoker should use e-cigs to quit smoking. Read on to know more about this.

What steps should cigarette smokers take when they wish to quit smoking?

Keeping in mind the very little evidence which shows that e-cigs are one of the best aids for smoking cessation and the increased body of evidence about the risks, the best approach is to speak to your doctor about the necessary techniques of cessation. The FDA or the US Food and Drug Administration has accredited different products and called them effective and safe. E-cigarettes are never approved by the FDA as the best tool for smoking cessation.

What do researches reveal about smoking and vaping?

More than 900 people selected in a survey participated in different studies and also in a follow-up interview. According to the results of the survey, it was found that 90% of the smokers who vaped, in the beginning, continued smoking even a year later. Vaping can certainly promote short-term cessation of smoking but the new study found out that it has no such evidence as a long-term strategy. There are several studies which have drawn such conclusions. When you use a different method of consuming nicotine, this becomes safer than altering your behavior altogether.

What do the advocates say?

The president of the American Vaping Association spoke with a website regarding the concerns of the study. It is nothing to be surprised that when the smokers are hit with such views on e-cigarettes, they don’t recognize any risk as they conclude that there’s no point in making the switch from smoking to vaping. Hence, the researchers and advocates also believe that e-cigars can help you quit smoking for a short term.

Therefore, whenever you’re eager to quit smoking seriously, get in touch with your doctor and get recommendations from him about what you should do about smoking cessation.