How to Add More Curb Appeal to Your Home Today

Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

Whether you’re thinking about selling your home over the coming months, or just want to make your house and garden look its best, it is important to make sure that all of the outside areas of your property are given a freshen up, tidy, and some pizzazz. 

After all, while many people concentrate on how their home looks on the inside, the first thing that others actually see when they arrive at your property is the outside. Read on for some simple yet effective ways you can add more curb appeal to your home today.

Take Care of Your Lawn & Gardens

For starters, it is important to always take good care of your lawn, as this is something people always notice as they walk up to a front door. While you might just run the mower over your grass every so often when it gets really high, proper care takes more than that. You should put a schedule in place for regular maintenance, as this will help to keep the lawn free of weeds and insects.

There are also other things you should be doing to keep your lawn in top condition, such as watering, aeration, raking, and fertilization. If you don’t have much time to do these jobs yourself, or the skill or knowledge to do them well, it pays to hire the services of a specialist contractor to perform summer, fall, winter, and spring lawn maintenance for you

A lawn will look its best when it is getting enough moisture throughout the year to sustain growth, and when it is freed of accumulated plant debris (such as leaves) that can stop it from breathing well and taking in water. It also needs to be aerated on occasions, so that air, nutrients, and water can get right to the roots of the grass; and fertilized (preferably with a slow-release formula), so that it can get all the nutrients it requires.

When it comes to your gardens, you can boost your home’s curb appeal very quickly if you simply take the time to clear out any clutter. Many properties have plants, trees, and shrubs which need to be trimmed back or removed all together if they have died or are too big for their current location. 

If, on the other hand, your gardens are looking pretty bare, adding in some new plants can make a world of difference. You don’t need to spend a lot; just putting some simple, small plants in a uniform manner around your yard can instantly inject style and color. You can also add pizzazz to your walkway and entrance areas by putting potted plants near the front door or stairs, or by adding flower boxes to front windows or porch railings. 

Rejuvenate Doors, Windows, Hardware, and Mailboxes

Next, while you may not notice these things because you walk past them every day, you might actually have a front door, mail box, driveway, and/or other outdoor areas that are looking quite shabby because they haven’t been paid attention to for quite a while.

Try to examine the front of your home from an outsider’s perspective to see what work needs to be done. You will find that putting a fresh coat of paint over your front door, plus new hardware like a door handle and knocker, can lift the entrance to your property significantly. Alternatively, you can purchase a new door in a more modern design for a reasonable price these days. 

While you’re at it, consider painting the trim around your front door too, and any shutters or windows at the front of your house, in complimentary shades or the exact same color. If you have a front fence, this might also be needing freshening up.

In addition, if your mail box is falling down, rusted out, or has peeling paint, either give it a revamp or replace it. If buying a new one, make sure you find something that matches the architecture and/or color palette of your home, so that the look is nicely tied in. You might also need to get the doors on your garage painted, repaired, or replaced; and give some attention to your driveway if it is cracked or otherwise in disrepair.

Add Some Outdoor Lighting

Lastly, it is worthwhile adding some outdoor lighting to your home when you want to boost curb appeal. Not only is lighting practical, but it can also really add to the look of the front of your property, particularly when you ensure that it matches the style and hues of your home. 

If you already have some lights outside but they are old, broken, or an eyesore, you will save money if you purchase new products which have the same mounting system as the existing ones. Doing so typically means that you won’t have to pay an electrician to come and install them for you.

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