How to Add Value to Your New Home: 5 Genius Tips

Moving into a new home is exciting, especially when it has lots of potential for redevelopment. Making plans for your property and seeing them being put into action can be incredibly exhilarating.


However, it’s essential that you make changes that will actually add value to your home, so that you have extra cash as you move upwards on the property ladder. It can even make sense to make changes that add value even if this is likely to be your forever home. Either way, read through our 5 genius tips on adding value and see which redevelopments you should be considering.


1. Solving structural problems


It's not the most exciting way to spend your money but fixing structural problems really is essential. You might struggle to sell a house with obvious problems and living in a house with structural abnormalities might cause you problems further on down the road. Remember, structural problems should really be picked up on your survey when you purchase the house so you could always ask the seller to reduce the house price to give you the money to fix the problem.


2. Remodel Existing Spaces — Before Adding More


The main thing that people look for in a new home is a good living space. They want space that their family will use together, a space that allows them to create the type of life they want. Take a look at the living room, kitchen and dining room. Is this space used well or could it be improved? You could always ask a custom home builder such as FC Developments to have a look and help you plan out a remodel if necessary.


3. Add Value to Your Home by Decorating


When you want to sell your home it needs to look as appealing as possible. Buyers love homes that they can picture themselves moving into and being happy in right away. Poor decoration won't necessarily affect the value of your home directly but it will put buyers off, which might result in you having to reduce your asking price. Take a look at our interior design ideas to enliven your home for some inspiration.


4. Updating Old Electrics


Updating electrics makes your home safer and also gives you the chance to add in more sockets or better lighting, which can significantly increase the value of your home. Remember to do this before any significant remodel because it can be rather disruptive to your property.


5. Update the Central Heating System


It is widely known that updating a central heating system adds more in terms of value to a property than it costs. One of the biggest concerns, in this modern age, is efficiency. Buyers want to know that the property they are purchasing won't be costly for them to heat and they are also mindful of the natural resources that will go into providing this heat.


We suggest ensuring that your property is as energy efficient as possible. You'll save yourself money in the long term and make your home instantly more attractive when it's time to put it on the market.