How to Design the Perfectly Cozy Living Room

Photo by Outsite Co on Unsplash

Kitchens might be the heart of the home, but the living room isn’t falling too far behind. Done up correctly, and the living room can become the social hub of your home, where you go to feel safe and cozy, where you enjoy hanging out with friends and family, or on your own as you watch your favorite show or read a good book. 

Your living room, however, needs to be cozy, functional, and have a great atmosphere. This means that you need to build it up from the ground and improve it using this guide. 


Build Up a Mood Board 


The first step is to build a mood board, or rather just to collect the design ideas you like into one place. You can do this easily in a scrapbook or online. As you go, delete or remove old ideas that you don’t like so that you can keep your living room design ideas refined and lean. Having too many ideas will get confusing, but after some time (ideally, while you save up for the renovations), you should see a pattern emerging. Take hold of this pattern, because it is your ideal living room design. 


Choose Natural Elements 


Natural elements add warmth to a room. They are also timeless choices that will continue to look great for decades, if not lifetimes, so long as you invest in quality materials over knock-offs. 


Add or Renovate Your Fireplace 


If your living room had a fireplace, you need to take advantage of it. If it doesn’t, consider how you can easily add such an element to your living room. If you can add or renovate a fireplace, do it. It is the single best method when it comes to making a room toasty and cozy all without high energy costs. 


Balanced flue fireplaces are very efficient, gas-powered fireplaces, come in so many shapes and styles, making them the perfect addition to any home. They can act as room dividers, look great from all angles, can be vertical, or even go back in time and offer a cottage-country feel with a stove fireplace that is modernized with gas power. 


Add Seamless Storage 


A cozy living room needs to have cozy elements, like pillows and blankets. As these can add to the clutter, it is best to invest in seamless storage. By adding in an entertainment storage unit that fits seamlessly against your wall, for example, you can hide all the wires and unsightly electronic elements and instead enjoy the warmth of nature and warm textures. 


Choose Warm Lighting Options 


Last but not least, when picking out lighting options, try to choose something that feels warm. You can still use energy-efficient light bulbs, just make sure that the lampshades or lighting fixture emits a soft glow. Barring that, candles always do wonders. 


Your living room can become a haven, especially during winter, so long as you work on increasing up the function of your space and then investing in quality items that are not just comfortable to use, but luxurious. This is how you will make full use of your living room and enjoy your home so much more.