How to Get Settled In After a Cross Country Move

How to Get Settled In After a Cross Country Move

There are many established online resources for moving cross country like Kip’s Cross Country Movers that can help make the task much easier. Now that you have arrived at your new home, the next big task is for you and your family to get settled in. As if moving cross country weren’t stressful enough, getting used to new surroundings, new faces, new neighbors and possibly different climate conditions may prove to be overwhelming for some. So what can you do to make the transition less stressful and help you adjust to your new city quicker? Here are some tips that can help you settle in faster and easier.

Break Out Some Comforts From HomeHow to Get Settled In After a Cross Country Move

When packing for your cross country move, one of the most important things for you to bring along are some items that give you comfort and make you feel secure. It could be a piece of furniture like your favorite reading chair, side table or comforter. This goes for your kids as well, who may want to hold on to their old lumpy pillows, posters or bean bags that will remind them of your former home. Once the movers arrive, these should be among the items that come out of the boxes first.

Throw in Something NewHow to Get Settled In After a Cross Country Move

Having too much stuff from your former home may cause you to miss it even more and make it harder for you to settle in. Look for new creature comforts to throw into the mix. This could be a new porch chair, set of window treatments or sectional if you left your old furniture behind. These new items will serve as subtle reminders that you’ll need to put in some work to create a new space that is unique to your new home.

Find Stores Near Your NeighborhoodHow to Get Settled In After a Cross Country Move

Apart from letting you know where you can pick up and buy your regular household necessities, it also gives you a chance to explore your neighborhood. Driving or walking around your neighborhood gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the streets and routes that you can take going to and from your home. Going to neighborhood stores also gives you the chance to meet, talk, and make friends with locals. Exploring your neighborhood also lets you in on where the nearest gas stations, salons, drug stores, coffee shops, barbers and pastry shops are.

Explore the CityHow to Get Settled In After a Cross Country Move

It is also important for you and your family to become familiar with the city you now live in. Get to know the locations of the malls, seafood and farmer’s market, theaters, bars, bakeries and gyms. Ask for help regarding transportation, such as subway or bus routes just in case if you are going to use public transportation.

Make FriendsHow to Get Settled In After a Cross Country Move

If you feel comfortable with anyone that you meet after you arrive and you sense that the feeling is mutual, take it a step further by making sure to have their contact details. All it takes is just a few friends to expand your network of friends and contacts. Put in more effort to striking conversations with those that you meet in neighborhood shops, playground and fitness centers.

Give It Time

People adjust to stimuli and stressors differently, which in this case is moving to a different home and city. Some may find it easy to adapt, while the same may take quite a bit of work for others. The key is not forcing yourself to adjust but letting it play out and follow its natural course. In due time, you'll be surprised how you have settled in nicely into your new home and city.