How to Handle Moving to a Smaller House

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Moving to a smaller space can be a big change for you, especially if you’ve been used to living in a large house. If this is the first time you’re moving to a smaller space, then here are some useful tips to help you with the relocation. You can also seek the help of removals and storage companies in Sydney.

Embrace minimalism

Most people hate the idea of moving to a smaller space because they think that they’re downgrading their lifestyles. Don’t be one of them. There are many advantages to living in a small space: less clutter, less space to clean, fewer rooms to occupy, and fewer expenses. You should learn to embrace the minimalist in you. Reinforce in yourself that moving to a smaller space is not actually downgrading but more like valuing the things that really matter to you and getting rid of everything else.

Get rid of nonessentials

Make a list of the important things that you would want to bring with you to your new home and get rid of everything else. You can start getting rid of the obvious ones first: old appliances that are no longer working, bulky equipment you rarely use, old magazines, and old books that are not classical literature.

Also, get rid of the appliances you bought at a home shopping network, which you have never used. You just found them interesting when you were watching that channel late at night, but you never found a use for them. There may be items that you think are valuable to you, but if you think harder, you will realize that they’re just clutter. To assess which of your items are clutter and which ones are valuable, try asking yourself these questions:

  • When did I last use this thing?

  • Will I ever use it again in the future?

  • Can I spare some room in my new house for this item?

Try answering those questions, and see if the item you’re holding on to is truly still valuable to you. If you find that it’s no longer valuable to you, there are two options for you: sell it at a garage sale, or give it to your relatives.

Give some of your valuables to your relatives

Now, there may be some items that are valuable to you, but you just can’t take them with you to your new home because you don’t have any extra space there. Categorize them as your valuables that you will leave to your close relatives. They may be extra clothes that you no longer need, like another pair of leather jackets. Instead of taking those with you, hand them over to your nephew or young cousin. You can also ask your relatives to come over, and see if they would want to take some of the items that you would want to get rid of. That way, someone else close to you can make use of some of the items you no longer need.

Hold a garage sale

As for the items that your relatives don’t want and you no longer deem valuable, you can hold a garage sale and sell them to your neighbors. You can make some money off some of your items and get rid of some of the clutter at the same time.

Moving to a smaller house may have its challenges. But as long as you know how to eliminate your nonessentials and figure out which items still hold some value to you, then you won’t have any problems relocating to your new home.