How to Host the Perfect Patio Party


That new patio you have dreamed of for so very long is finally complete and now it’s time for an official ‘christening.’ It’s time to host a patio party so that all your family and friends can see just how much it adds to your property. Not only will the value go up, but your enjoyment will surely blossom as well. You finally have a place to host those weekend get-togethers or special events such as birthdays, weddings, graduations and even retirement celebrations. But, never having had a patio, you don’t know the first thing about what you need to do. It really isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, so let’s get started.

Make It a Catered Affair

Instead of spending your time over that grill you had installed in the open-air kitchen so recently built, why not book a caterer to come and do some of the cooking on site with some dishes being brought in ready to heat and eat? By hiring a caterer, you are free to wander around explaining how and why you designed your patio while getting filled in on what’s been happening in the lives of your guests. Why would you want to host that patio party only to spend all your time cooking, serving and cleaning?

Hire a Bartender While You’re at It!

Why not make it an extra special celebration by providing an open bar for your guests? Here, too, you can choose the ‘menu’ prior to the event so that you have a nice assortment of beverages on hand. From beer and wine to cocktails and after dinner liqueurs, you can decide what (and how much!) alcohol to serve. California is famous for patio parties with open bars, and if you live in cities like San Francisco, you can find bartenders for hire in the Bay Area. The Bartender Company has quite a reputation for running an amazing mobile bar, and this might be that finishing touch so needed when seeking to host the perfect patio party.

Atmosphere is Everything

Don’t forget that when it comes to hosting a party, atmosphere is a critical element. Yes, you’ve created a lovely patio and that’s what you want to celebrate, but don’t forget things like ambient lighting for evening affairs and perhaps a bit of music to keep the celebration lively. You can even plan a themed event and have everyone come dressed to fit the theme. 

If you have a pool, all the better. Have everyone bring a suit along, but make sure that no one actually gets in the water after they’ve had one too many drinks. This is something you’ll need to keep track of because parties on patios are one thing, but when water is thrown into the mix, it’s important to keep those guests safe. With that being said, of course you’ll want that open bar because this is a party after all. Just limit the drinking to a time when everyone’s out of the pool and ready to party. This is only the first of many patio parties, so try not to do too much at once. Let this be a perfect party – the first of many more to come.