How to Make Your Garden Winter Ready

Garding Greenhouse


Over the summer, we spend a lot of time in our gardens. We tend to pot plants or grow beds of colorful vegetables, or maybe we sun ourselves in deck chairs or snooze under shady trees. Whatever your relationship with your outside space, you’ll want to protect it during the colder months so that you can enjoy the sun just as much when next year rolls around.

Whether or not you’ve got the gardening bug, your skin is not the only thing you should be protecting this winter. Here are five ways to look after your garden before the frost sets in.  

Remove Dead Foliage, Leaves, and Weeds

Tidy up your borders by removing dead flowers, pulling up weeds and clearing away dead foliage. Not only will doing this make your garden look more presentable for winter, but trimming wayward branches on shrubs and trees will also help them retain their shape. Don’t forget to separate your weeds from the soil when you’re putting it into compost.


Move Pot Plants Indoors

When the weather turns chilly, it’s time to bring your pot plants indoors. Keep them in a conservatory or greenhouse so that they are still exposed to sunlight and don’t forget to water them regularly. Move growing plants into larger pots and invest in some stylish indoor plant baskets if you’re moving your greenery into your home. Pots of herbs look great anywhere, but they will survive best on sunny windowsills.

Insulate Your Greenhouse

Just because the weather is turning, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your greenhouse. You can still use this space to grow herbs, citrus plants or the ingredients of a healthy winter salad. Insulating your greenhouse with a multiwall polycarbonate sheet will give your plants a helping hand through the colder months and keep frost at bay so that come springtime, your plants will still be in good health.

Protect Your Pond Life

If you own a pond or water feature, cover it with a net to prevent it clogging up with leaves. Clean the water if it’s beginning to look murky, and keep a plastic ball close by that can skim the surface of the water if it starts to freeze over. Fish tend to be more dormant during winter, but you can keep them alive if you look after their habitat.

Rake Your Yard

Most people give their yard a final mow before winter sets in. Go one step further by raking your entire lawn, and your grass will be able to breathe and grow more freely. Doing this will also remove moss and thatch, which will resolve any draining issues in your garden. Give your grass a helping hand with some autumn lawn feed, and it may well flourish for a few months to come.

The harsh conditions of winter can take their toll on any green space, and come spring we’re often met with the task of clearing away the debris. Prepare your garden for seasons ahead, and you’ll have less of a job on your hands next year.