How to Select the Best Flooring for Your Needs


Whether you are fitting out your new home or breathing new life into your old one, the flooring is sure to be one of your key considerations. Flooring is not only a very practical aspect of your home, it also contributes hugely to the aesthetics. As something which is also subject to constant wear and tear, it is additionally the part of your home that is likely to wear out the fastest, all of which is the reason why selecting the correct material for your flooring is paramount.

Consider the Use of the Space

There are a number of factors which should come into play when selecting your flooring, the main one being what the room or space in question is used for and what it is likely to undergo in everyday life. If it is an area that is likely to get dirt and water on the floor, like the bathroom or kitchen, then it is important to opt for something that is easily cleanable, like laminate or tiling. On the other hand, if it is for somewhere cozy like a bedroom or living room, then a soft flooring may be preferable, like carpeting. For heavily used areas like your hallways and stairwells, you should consider something hardy and long-lasting that will stand the test of time, like timber.

Consider Who Will Be Using the Space

Secondly, it is important to consider who will be using the space. If you have a young family, then spills and accidents are almost inevitable, which is why you may be best opting for a wipeable floor like laminate or wood. Likewise, if you have pets and pet hair is likely to be a problem, then you may wish to opt for something washable, like wooden flooring with a rug topper. If you just want somewhere warm and comfortable for yourself, then a carpet is probably your best bet. Carpet stores usually have a wide product range to choose from, so that you can compare and contrast different styles and materials to ascertain which is the best for you.

What Look Are You Going For?

Practical considerations aside, you will need to turn your mind to the aesthetics. Do you want an elegant and stylish look? In which case, wooden flooring like timber is an excellent choice. In some older homes, you may find floorboards beneath your existing carpet which can be polished. Otherwise, you can have timber flooring fitted to measure by a professional company. If you simply want your room to feel homely and welcoming, then carpeting is the best choice as it is soft and inviting. For something in the middle, wooden flooring can be offset by soft rugs and carpets for a classic yet comforting look.

What Is Your Budget?

One last thing that will obviously play a significant part in your choice is your budget. Whereas higher budgets may allow for real timber flooring and bathroom tiling, lower budgets can be accommodated by opting for wood laminate or laminate tile flooring instead, which will give a similar look at a fraction of the price. It is important to bear in mind that real wood and tiling will usually last a lot longer than laminate, so if you can afford them, they are both good investments.

Once you have considered these four key points, you should be able to make an informed decision on which flooring is best for your home.